Your Destiny

Your destiny will be determined by you and ONLY YOU. No politician, election outcome, certificate, education, race, ethnicity, boss, company, partner or any other person will determine your destiny.

Tuesday’s presidential election verifies this, even more so for Republicans, that you can never completely put your future in the hands of other groups of people. At no other time in the history of our nation is it more important for you to become the captain of your destiny because you are the only one that can make it happen for you.

Your destiny will be determined by you being able to:

  1. Focus on your goals.
  2. Work hard toward achieving those goals.
  3. Plan daily the actions that will create your goals.
  4. Continue to create on your goals until they are achieved and surpassed.

Look, moaning, groaning, whining and complaining about the inequities of life will only bring you more of the same. Trust me, misery loves company and until you recondition your mind to a new outlook and approach to the world around you, you will continue to bring about the things in life that you really don’t desire.

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