You Weren’t Born to Be Average — Ed Mylett at 10X Growth Conference 2

Ed Mylett dropped some major bombs at the 10X Growth Conference 2.

Who is Ed Mylett?

He’s a powerful guy with a powerful message about being the champion of your cause. It all starts with your thinking. Are you special? Ed makes a case that we’re here to do important things so we shouldn’t waste the opportunity. You have that little voice that says you’re something. Trust the voice. You weren’t born to be average. It’s not a mistake that you’re here!

What’s the Message?

Life is a race to meet the ultimate version of you. That person exists, but in the future. People try to conform you to be average. You need to chase the destiny version of you. You want to be able to meet that guy or girl and be able to say I know you, we are identical.

To get to your ultimate you, you have to stop being so casual—bring more energy, more intensity. In business, typically the highest energy wins. Every decision you make will either bring you closer or further away from the ultimate you.

When you’re building a business, you want a cult-like following. Think about Apple and Starbucks. The customers are fanatical about the company.

  • How do people respond to you?
  • What energy are you putting out?

People respond to what they feel. What do you make people feel when they are around you? To build a cult-like following, you have to be a great business leader that is evangelical for your cause. You’ve got to be the missionary, crusader, and champion that proclaims the good news.

Subscribe extreme importance to what you do.

When you are evangelical with your business, you come from a great place and sow good seeds. Your company will never grow past you. That’s why you have to stay out in front at all times—a leader is visionary that tells their followers what they see ahead.

A Quick Story

Ed tells a story about his velcro Mercedes that he purchased when he was building one of his companies. The story goes that there was a Mercedes that he had to have but couldn’t afford at the time. He found one that looked the same from the outside but was actually a Chrysler Le Baron in the inside.

The panels were velcroed on and would fly off if he braked too hard at intersections. In a funny story involving cops pulling him over, with his entire staff in tow, it came out that Ed was driving around a fake Mercedes.

His point with that story is that sometimes you have to velcro your dreams together.

Maybe what you want in life doesn’t actually exist yet but you have to be the leader that creates the vision. Now he can afford real Mercedes and Jets, without the velcro.

In life, you win with the intangibles. With every relationship, ask yourself if your life got better or worse when you met that person. Be the ultimate self in execution, effort, and work.

Where Are You Headed?

Everything that you have is in front of you already. Stop looking at price tags. Stop negotiating the price—it’s freeing. It’s not the price. It’s the worth that’s important. Rich people don’t ask how much it costs. They ask, is it worth it?

If your life ended right now, would you be happy? Would your book be incomplete? You have more to do, so keep calling the plays. In football, it’s only 1 or 2 plays that make or break the game. When something doesn’t go right, the team doesn’t stop and think about what went wrong—they run another play. Keep making plans.

Identify the gifts that you find within each member of your team. They might not be aware of what makes them special. That’s what a great leader does—love, care, believe—tell them what their gifts are.


When it comes to writing your life, focus on the lead character—you. You need to become the NEW leading character in the script of your life.

That means becoming an identical twin with the ultimate you. When you watch a movie, are you concerned about Driver 2 or Cameraman 3? No, you only care about the lead characters.

If that’s true, why do you let minor characters in your life kill your dreams? Stop giving people power. It’s your story, you’re the main character, and you can change the script anytime you want!

I hope you got as much from Ed Mylett as I got. You can reserve your seat for 10XGrowthCon 3 NOW!

Be great,


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