You want more, you deserve more, and you can do more

 I want to tell you about the 3 most important questions you should be asking yourself every single day. I’m not talking about once a week, once a month, or just because the New Year is upon us—I’m talking every single day. These are the 3 questions you should be asking yourself:

Do I Want more?

Do I deserve more?

Can I do more?

How you honestly answer these questions will determine the amount of success you’ll have in life. This is because success demands continuous attention. It’s like a beautiful lawn or garden, no matter how green it gets or beautiful the flowers, you must continue to tend it.


You must put in the work—mowing, edging, trimming, watering, planting—in order for it to stay beautiful. Just like a garden, if you don’t take care of it and put in the effort for success in your life—in any area—your success in that area will fade and deteriorate until it ceases to exist.

It’s always easier to expand a garden than it is to grow it from scratch, right? This is why once you start having success you don’t want to stop or rest. Don’t do “just enough.” It’s not about building a small fire to keep warm—add wood to your fire because it’s easier to grow a fire once it’s started than to start a fire from scratch.


So, once you think you’ve reached your limit, keep pushing.

Do you want more?

Do you deserve more?

Can you do more?

If you answer no to any of those, then you’re not going to put in the work to continue success. You will begin to have less, deserve less, and shrink your potential.


Do I want more, do I deserve more, can I do more? Keep asking this every day and make these questions your mantra in 2018.


I had people around me my whole life telling me I couldn’t do more, that I don’t need more, that I don’t deserve more. You will have these people in your life too, and the more successful you’ll become the more people will begin to tell you that you have enough and to take it easy.


I dreamed of having a beautiful wife and kids. I wanted more in life than to be on the road 250 days a year doing seminars. I wanted more.


I started dreaming about having my own private jet. I didn’t like flying commercial and getting fondled by TSA agents. I deserved more. 

I believed I could acquire 5,000 apartments. I used to only have 300 apartments. I could do more. 

Take time to comment below: what do you want? What do you deserve? Can you do more?


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It’s time you have more because you deserve more, and I know you can do more. 

Be great,






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    Thank you, Grant.
    Your post is awesome. The way you describe the need for constant growth and belief is fantastic.
    I will act on your words. Thank you for sharing.

  • Westley Mepham

    Great provoking post..Mans 1st task was to tend the garden, we must diligently put our efforts into things until they flourish!

    What Do I Want?

    To continue to grow, evolve, & help & change the world as we know it, making it a better place than how I entered.

    What do I deserve?
    I deserve what I put in..The Best!

    Can I do more?

    Always, I have never arrived!

    “Forever-Student I AM”

  • Aman

    Great Article Grant. Thanks so much.
    Answering question for myself
    I want to create a legacy by inspiring people to do more and achieve more because enough is never enough.

    I deserve freedom and a great life. A 10X Life.

    Oh Yeah! Always and every time. I am always asking this question to myself. I am yet to achieve my full potential which is kind of very powerful as it is an unattainable quest and that is what keeps motivating me to push myself to achieve it.

  • Mark Elmo Ellis

    Personally, I have always liked helping other people. If I had one wish I could have fulfilled, it would be to have substantial wealth to help others.

    You have to have money to do that.

    After all, if everyone was broke, how could anyone help anyone?

    So I would try to help other people, because that’s what’s more important to me. I don’t need a plane or a fancy car, because my wife and I are very practical people. ( We do have every single thing paid off, though.)

    But here’s something I’ve never forgotten and it sticks in my brain like glue.

    A long time ago, I attended a church in Virginia and it was very supportive of missionaries.

    Once a year, this missionary would come back from Africa to tell us about an orphanage he built in that country. This man was in a wheel chair, because he had no legs. He left them in Vietnam after stepping on a landmine.

    After the war, he came home and decided to go into the missionary end of the ministry. I have come to see what a cushy job he could have taken in that field. If he became a senior pastor of a large church he could have made over $100,000 a year, easy. But I guess he had a deeper view of life than most of us.

    Instead, he decided to go into the heart of the beast where wars and uprisings were common in Africa. He started his orphanage with very little money and he spent all of his spare time raising it long distance for things we all take for granted.

    When he visited our church, he had photographs of kids without arms and legs. It was sad to see and I remember crying, because I’m a former teacher and I love kids. To see their smiling faces despite all the crap they have to live in made me sad to this day.

    So, anyway, thank God for what you have and reflect a little bit on how fortunate you are.

    God Bless, and Merry Christmas.


  • Don McClain

    Great Stuff, GC. We all have to learn from those before us and pay it forward. Thanks for inspiring to do that.


  • Soraia Mayorka

    Two years ago I didn’t even spoke English and I put all my efforts in learning, by myself, a new language using free internet lessons. I’m still learning ,
    I want more

    I’m planning change my carrear at age of 39 years old. I have a dream of helping people and work for living at same time, I don’t want spend the rest of my life doing something that I don’t feel proud of. I deserve more

    I can’t see the pathway in front of me but I can have faith to put my foot first and fight for my dreams every day, being positive, educating myself to reach my goals. I can do more.

  • Mark Graham

    You are motivating change in my life! I cannot express my gratitude in any way other than to shine as brightly and consistently as I possibly can! Thank you!

  • Leon

    Such a great post Grant, I’m using these as my Mantra of 2018 – starting today.

    Do I want more? Always! Success and wealth, admiration and athleticism – to 10x my current income in 2018, surge in confidence, professionally and personally and attract my beautiful life-partner.

    Do I deserve more? 100% – To rule an empire – be in an executive position to hire and fire, change millions of lives a year, continue to self-improve and share that success with my family.

    Can I do more? 100x more, putting more hours of the day into investing in myself, growing my network, being a constant student of business, sales, finance, keeping my physical condition in tip-top.

    Appreciate you as always Grant – keep the nuggets of gold flowin’ uncle G!

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