You Are the Greatest, the Best, THE ULTIMATE

Become so sold, so convinced, so committed to your company, product, service, husband, wife, partner, special friend, and any decision big or small.
Believe that it would be a terrible thing for the buyer to do business anywhere else with any other product, or with anyone else with any other person.

Tell me, are you so sold on your product that you think it’s detrimental and unethical not to convince someone to buy from you?
Well, get to that point and watch your production freak out!

The person that is sold completely won’t let people not buy because it would be a violation of their own integrity! Reach that level of being sold and I assure you that people will buy from you! If you’re not convinced that you have the best product, service, features, qualities, personality, GET CONVINCED and do so right now!

Do whatever it takes to believe that you’re offering the greatest, the best, the ULTIMATE.

FInd the plus points and sell yourself on them completely:
A. What makes you unique from any other competitor out there?

B. What qualities can outdo and impress that others do not have?
C. Figure out why you are the best of the best.
This is more than a possibility, it’s a definite outcome!

In romance, it’s the same way:

I. Want your marriage to work out better?
A. Convince yourself that you have the best spouse on the planet!

B. Decide your life depends on succeeding with this.
C. Set the negatives aside, look at what sold you on her in the first place.

II. Want to secure that date with the one you’ve been interested in for so long?
A. Convince yourself that you are the best candidate for him or her.

B. Decide your life depends on succeeding with this.
C. Find your plus points and set aside the imperfections!

Sell yourself, win the game with what you have to work with.
Then, watch the change and be amazed at what will happen!

Go out there and make a sweet sell to someone you care about.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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