Why Dominating Should Be Your December Duty

Welcome to December! 2016 is less than a month away and December is the time of year you should make a conscious effort to end the year stronger than ever by making a plan and committing to it. While others are preoccupied with holiday plans and taking it easy, December is the month you should dominate—not just go along for the ride. The fact that many people around you are actually surrendering their time and efforts to the holiday season festivities should just fuel your fire even more. Think of this as an opportunity and take advantage of the fact that there are more people around you not playing at their full potential, so if you go in and play harder you are going to dominate the space. First, you must understand the difference between competition and domination. Competition is a struggle in pursuit of a goal. Domination is to influence and control everything around you. Now ask yourself: Do you want to struggle and pursue or do you want to influence and control? Big Success. Big Challenges. - Grant Cardone #quote Here are three ways to dominate instead of compete: 1. Do What Others Refuse Start by making a list of what your competitors aren’t doing and then do those very things. Look for ways they are easing up or not executing well and use that to your benefit. Have they given up on making cold calls? Are they not going after new business? Are they utilizing social media? Again, look for opportunities based on what they aren’t doing or easing up on. Then, get in there and own that space. 2. Become An Expert and Promote, Promote, Promote! An invaluable lesson in dominating in business is to be the expert in your space. My goal is to be the person people automatically think of when “sales training” is mentioned. What do you want to be known for? What can you be the face of? What expertise do you have that is well respected and trusted? Figure it out and then promote yourself and your knowledge every single day. Start blogging, writing articles and get on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Google+ and every other social media channel and show off your knowledge. This will intrigue people and they will be eager to hear what you have to say next. Several years ago I didn’t have a Twitter account, but once I created one, I decided to own the space for sales and business advice. Today, I have over 74,000 tweets and over 350,000 followers on twitter alone. I knew I reached an important milestone when a number of social media experts ranked me #1 sales coach (@GrantCardone) to follow on Twitter. 3. Do Whatever it Takes If you want monster results put in the time, invest the energy and operate at levels that make others wonder, “how does he do that?” If a potential client says they are too busy right now, find out how you can accommodate them. If you sell cars, don’t wait for clients to find time to come to the dealership—get in one of the cars and drive over to them. Take control of the situation by doing whatever it takes and nothing less. End the year strong and use this time when others are easing up to dominate and gain a lead over holiday slackers. When 2016 starts you will kick-off the new year on a strong note, knowing that you closed 2015 on top of your game. Remember, make the shift towards dominating and take advantage of this time and gain a huge lead over others who have put themselves in a holiday slow-down. This month I slashed the prices in my online store where products are up to 90% off. My goal is to help you commit to achieving financial freedom so I am offering deep discounts to provide you with the tools you need regardless of your current financial situation. Take advantage of me and invest in yourself. This sale is for a limited time. Shop today: https://grantcardone.com/holiday/ You got this! Be great! Grant Cardone

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