Whatever or Whatever It Takes?

Whatever or Whatever It Takes? These are your only choices today. Only one of these will work to get you where you want to be. Whether it’s the job you want, a promotion, more money, or to get your business to new levels it’s going to take a Whatever It Takes attitude from you and all your people.
It has become popular for people that don’t get their way in life to simply say “whatever” and disengage. In fact over 70% of American workers are disengaged from their jobs and unhappy at work. The company loses out and the disengaged person takes a job space from a great person that would be engaged and grateful for that opportunity. The disengaged worker is simply an employee that has quit their job but not yet left.

Whether you’re being interviewed for a job or conducting the interview remember to do:
1. Whatever It Takes to be positive
2. Whatever It Takes to be confident
3. Whatever It Takes to show up early
4. Whatever It Takes to sell yourself as great
5. Whatever It Takes to meet the decision maker
6. Whatever It Takes to follow up after the interview
7. Whatever It Takes to know the company’s objectives
8. Whatever It Takes to show up dressed professionally

I became quite aware of this when I moved my offices to Miami and started hiring people. We interviewed over 800 people and could only hire six—four of which turned out to be a mistake. I was amazed at how many people said one thing in the interview, but then delivered nothing once we hired them. We became aware that the majority of people looking for work are inflicted by a “whatever” attitude and were missing the Whatever It Takes mentality. Due to the hiring restrictions in our country the employer is unable to ask questions necessary to determine if the applicant is really a good fit for the company. This results in companies and HR departments failing in their hiring process. The company wastes time, energy, training and money on people not suited for the company resulting in high turnover rates. Frustrated with the number of failed applicants, the company seeking great talent ends up overlooking the great people and everyone loses! The handfuls of great people are overlooked because of the masses of average hackers and slackers that don’t really want to work and won’t do whatever it takes.

I was so amazed at the low-quality work ethic of the people we were interviewing that I decided to do a reality show about this travesty in America. So rather than creating a job posting I advertised an audition for a TV show where the winner could be hired. We put out a casting call and hundreds of people came out, giving us the opportunity to create this show and find people who have Whatever It Takes.

Many applicants—I mean contestants—showed up late, dressed unprofessionally, were clueless about the company, unprepared and had no clue of how to do a simple job interview. I was so amazed at the hiring problem and got so much content that I went from shooting one show to six shows.

Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview Grant Cardone

So rather than putting people through a “normal” job interview through an HR department we put them through a rigorous verbal interview in which they had to sell themselves. If they made the cut they would then be challenged physically—they had to prove their willingness to do hard work—and then finally prove their ability in the marketplace with real skills selling our products. Not only did we discover whether they really wanted the job, but if they had Whatever It Takes to work at my company.

On Friday the 13th I am dropping the first of those segments on Whatever It Takes Network—named after the show itself!

I hope you enjoy Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview this Friday at 1:45 PM EST.

Hey I’d love to see in the comments the worst scenario you’ve ever seen or been in, in a job interview.

Be great and do Whatever It Takes,


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  • Dan

    Sorry but no. Legally a prospective employer shouldn’t respond to that. Some lawyer would love take that case on. You get the idea, right? So you use a default comment like “we have hired candidate with better qualifications.”

  • Wall St. Pig

    The Water Pitch is classic, but why aren’t you trying to get former stockbrokers down there in So.Fla to come in and pitch your stuff dude. Seems like they’d be a great fit for it, but maybe the commissions aren’t high enough…

  • keisha

    I hope you told her why she wasn’t hired so that she doesnt do that foolish next again.

  • Dan

    I was running a fast food pizza outlet with on one inside support person. We need to hire yesterday! Hey we were behind the 8 ball here so if you could fog a mirror you could be training the same day. The first interview of the day was a young lady. After introductions during the interview this candidate reached down her blouse to adjust life. I was done, next. Later that day our one remaining inside support person wanted to quit “Walk out type quit” because we had not hired anyone to help. As we discussed the situation they too agreed that it would be right to hire that person and put them in charge of caring for other peoples food. The young lady call the next day to find out if she was hired… Just scary.

  • bonnylass

    I was an examiner for candidates taking a massage practical for the State of WA. Dept of Health. End product being given a State massage license which allows you to work on the public and be considered a secondary health care provider in the same category as pyhsical therapists and occupational therapists.
    This one gal came in clothing disheveld and non professional, hair unkempt, the linen she was using for her massage model had twigs in it and the massage oil bottle was a recycled keri lotion bottle that actually smelled like petroleum. I couldn’t believe my eyes! needless to say she didn’t pass and was given feedback on why. Yikes!

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