What Makes a Professional – Part 1

What does it take to be a professional?

I am not talking about being a well-organized, efficient, smiling employee. Success in today’s hyper-competitive market will be determined by more than being consistent and well organized. The following are attributes that professionals in sports, finance, entertainment or any other high-flying positions have. As you read over these, ask yourself how many of these you actually have “in.”

  1. Do you see the outcome before it happens?In “Sell Or Be Sold,” I talk about the power of prediction. Visualize the goal as a done deal first and be able to anticipate obstacles that may pop up. If it is quality, skill, or income level that you are targeting to achieve, act or perform to the degree necessary to make this a reality.
  2. Are you fully committed or “All In?”Think about your goals every second and be willing to do whatever it takes no matter how painful. Your goals will really materialize when your life depends on it and you take a level of action 10X what you think you need to succeed. Great athletes know this, professionals go the extra mile. They start early and are still thinking with their goals even after leaving the office. It’s not work to them, but a way of life.
  3. Plan your work and work your plan.A professional doesn’t wing it. Successful operations benefit from the heightened levels of preparedness and discipline that results from planning. You must be in total control of your business or your business will take control of you. Every morning and every night before I go to sleep I write down my goals to train my focus on my targets and I work my “Prosperity Schedule”. You find out more about this schedule in “Sell or Be Sold.”
  4. Do you continue to increase your ability and invest in yourself?I created Cardone On-Demand and Cardone University so people can train with me whenever they want and consider it vital that you spend at least an hour of your day devoted to your own personal development. Make this a way of life. Professionals hone their craft and learn new techniques. In today’s lightning fast environment your success will be in direct proportion to your knowledge of the subject. Bruce Lee knew martial arts but what is most amazing is that he never stopped being a student. That’s the sign of a pro.

Are you being a pro? Which of these points could you work on more? Let me know and come back on Monday for Part 2.

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