Time to take action.

Tomorrow, Americans will go to the polls to exercise not only a right and privilege, but a duty and responsibility to vote for the next leader of the free world. Democracy, as frustrating and imperfect as it may be, is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our republic and not something to be shrugged off or taken lightly.

Do not be misled into thinking your vote does not count. Don’t let party lines, or what your friends, family and neighbors do prevent you from making your choices on who will lead your country, your economy for the next four years. Get informed. Be proactive and go to the polls to make your voice heard. The decision we as a nation make tomorrow is a vital one and you owe it to yourself and the generations to come, to cast your ballot for the candidate that will most favorably shape the direction of our country and the world we are connected with.

Now, none of this means that you are getting a free pass on continuing to build your own economy and legacy of success that will survive the chaos of the world we live in. Part of that responsibility is being involved and showing up at the polls to exert the control you have on who leads our nation.

Take the example of the most beautiful, broken place in America, the State of California. Two years ago Californians voted in a governor beholden to special interests who, in my opinion, is not a good choice for the long-term welfare of the state and its citizens. Certainly those who voted for him did not foresee where that Governor would lead the state. In fact, the laws and policies of California became so unfriendly to small business and the middle class that I left the home and friends I loved and moved out of state. This is an example of precisely why I am encouraging you to take a moment to learn about the candidates and the issues and cast your vote tomorrow.

Your right to vote is what makes this democracy called the United States of America so precious. You exercising this right is what puts you at cause over your future and takes you another step in the direction of taking control of your destiny.


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