Use Difficult Challenges To Motivate You

Do the most difficult things first not last. Look, you’re putting them off. Procrastination is going to break your back. Procrastination is fuel to negativity.
You want to do the most difficult things first on your list. Whatever you don’t want to do: the call you don’t want to make, the customer or client you don’t want to see, that thing that you’re like “ah, I hate it,” that’s what you need to do first.

This morning I wake up and I get this email – I look at this thing from Fannie Mae. You know this big group? Government securitized exchanges, they fund most of the housing. I say, “ah, I don’t want to deal with this,” because it’s complicated – like 600 pages.

First thing I did that day was not the other 72 phone calls that were easy. It was the one I want to knock out. Why? Because I want to do the most difficult things first, take them off my plate and go hit the other 71. It gave me fuel. Trust me; try this. Just do this, I promise you it will motivate you.

Now I want you to make a list of the most difficult things you have to do today and do them first. Watch how you feel about yourself and watch what it does for the other things that you have to do.


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