Announcing My Brand-New Unbreakable Business System (Review)

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. Done dozens and dozens of interviews. Recorded countless hours of educational content. Criss-crossed the country. All to bring my all-new Unbreakable Business System to the masses…

This is a massive announcement that I’m so proud to share with the world.

There’s never been a more important time to build an Unbreakable Business.

The Economist published this headline last month…

The Economist Recession

And Moody’s Analytics chief economist wrote a report in the New Year saying: Under almost any scenario, the economy is set to have a difficult 2023…”

That’s why I’m putting everything I’ve got behind spreading this message far and wide. There is no time for 99% of businesses to wait to take massive action ahead of what’s coming.

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Naturally, our full-court press has led to a lot of questions about what my Unbreakable Business System is. Here’s a breakdown of my intention for this new project and everything I’m arming businesses with.

Let me start by saying, the Unbreakable Business System has one mission:

Help 1 million business owners become totally Unbreakable. 

That’s why the launch of my Unbreakable Business System is coinciding with my free 5-day online event, The Unbreakable Challenge:

 I truly believe I’ve built my business to be Unbreakable. And I’ve developed a replicable framework that any business owner can follow. The Unbreakable Business System gives you all the tools you need to make your business impervious to the ups and downs of the economy. 

It makes your business invincible against changing technology trends. And it eliminates “the problem of just one” in business… Just one product line. One single customer lead source. Just one key employee… Because one of everything is how businesses break.

How does the Unbreakable Business System solve that problem? What’s included?

I’ll get to that in just a minute. But first, I want to touch on why I believe the Unbreakable Business System is the #1 tool every business needs right now.

Every Business Owner Needs the Unbreakable Business System NOW

I believe the next financial crisis has already started. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. HVAC. Plumbing. Consulting. Sales. Dentistry. Chiropractic. Accounting. Marketing. Retail. Technology. Hospitality. Real estate. Construction. Management. Or anything else.

The next two to three years are going to be very difficult for entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners. And the stakes are the same for every industry. Those who don’t prepare will be left behind and might never be able to catch up. But with the Unbreakable Business System, you could quit the rat race. You could secure a lifetime of cash flow. And you might come out of this crisis wealthier than ever before.

Look, I’ve been in the business game for 40 years. I’ve done billions of dollars worth of transactions… in good economies… bad economies… and everything in between.

And I can tell you with 100% confidence that despite all the scary news you’re hearing…

2023 will go down as the year that a small group of U.S. businesses scale to record-smashing revenue levels never hit before.

The only question is: Will your business be one of them?

FYI: Click HERE for more details about my Unbreakable Business System.

Through every crisis, my business has smashed its previous year’s record. 

No matter what happens in the economy this year, my own business is going to smash its revenue records this year.

And your business can too…

Despite recession looming…

Big businesses facing widespread layoffs…

The stock market crashing…

Interest rates spiking over 5%…

And despite the highest inflation rate in decades… 

But there’s a catch – you need the right framework.

Over the past 40 years in business, my business hasn’t just survived – it has thrived.

And I’ve developed a total system to install the unbreakable operating software my business has been running on for over a decade. 

This is designed to pass on all of the correct knowledge about going from fragile to Unbreakable in business. And all in as efficient a format and timeframe as possible.

Introducing The Unbreakable Business System

The system won’t only give your business a protocol to become crisis-proof. It will leave your business even stronger after the storm.


Unbreakable business growth hinges on having the right operating system in five areas that we will be sharing with our members:

1. Unbreakable Money & Mindset

You cannot make money in business — let alone keep it and multiply it — if you have the wrong information about money or don’t think big enough about it. 

So the very first part of our Unbreakable Business System is reprogramming your mind about money and thinking big in business.

Look, it takes the same amount of time and energy to think BIG about money and business as it does to think small. Except thinking small leads to your business breaking. And thinking big lays the foundation for an unbreakable business.

We will:

  • Shatter the money myths limiting business owners…
  • Reveal who influences money decisions in your business (it’s not who you think)…
  • Show you the principles behind generating billions in business…
  • Break down the millionaire math that almost no business does to get their revenue right…
  • And so much more.

2. Unbreakable Marketing 

You cannot have an Unbreakable Business without a constant marketing strategy. The best-known products and services always beat the best product or service no one knows about.

Most businesses will break during the coming recession simply because they have not told enough people about who they are and how they can help. 

The Unbreakable Business System transforms the marketing in your business… And converts it into a marketing machine. We’ll pull back the curtain on how I implement unbreakable marketing within my own business every single day.

I always say if people don’t know you, they can’t flow you. And when customers don’t flow to a business, it breaks. You’ve got to handle this as soon as possible to not just survive in hard times — but thrive.

3. Unbreakable Communication

To get known far and wide, you need to know how to have unbreakable communication. You have to know how to talk to your customers, your potential customers, your suppliers, your competitors, and your employees. Everyone should know who you are, your business, how you can help, and what you’re doing. 

Communication is the key to great promotion. 

That’s why communication is one of the key pillars in The Unbreakable Business System. And it’s why I’ve teamed up with my good friend and stages expert Pete Vargas to help supercharge this component of our system.

4. Unbreakable Sales

If you’ve read my book “Sell or Be Sold,” you know how important selling is. You cannot have an Unbreakable Business if you’re not selling every minute of your day.

When you boil it down… all businesses break because they have not sold in high enough quantities… 

And the Unbreakable Business System will give you the exact blueprint you need to plan the record-smashing year of sales you want to achieve. 

5. Unbreakable Scaling & Leadership

Once you’ve become recession-proof and Unbreakable by forces outside your business…

The most common risk of breaking comes from within as you scale the business. 

We’ll look at the roadblocks and opportunities for a business in the $100k to $3 million revenue range compared to a business in the $8 million to $15 million range. And differences between those two categories of businesses and one that’s generating between $45 million to $75 million. 

In all, we look at four different revenue ranges for most businesses where they either break through or break down. And every one of them requires the right leadership and scaling system to come out the other side unscathed and bigger than ever before.

FYI: Click HERE for more details about my Unbreakable Business System.

Customize Your Unbreakable Business System

That brings me to the part of The Unbreakable Business System I’m probably most proud of. That’s the customizable component of the program. As I was just explaining to you, there are different routes to take depending on which revenue range your business is at right now. And we have a tailored Unbreakable Business System Experience for all of them.

If you’re just starting out, we’ve got you covered. If you’re already generating millions of dollars but are worried about backsliding? Or how to break through to higher levels of growth? Don’t worry, we’ve built a path for your business, too. 

And if you’re somewhere in between, there’s also a customized path for your business. 

This is critical because too much of the help business owners are getting today is one-size-fits-all. And the truth is, you’re going to have specific challenges and opportunities at all the different levels of business. 

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions

In addition, we’re broadcasting five exclusive interacting coaching sessions. These will help you go even deeper into the five core areas of building an Unbreakable Business. 

This is where we’ll answer questions and help people fix their business’s specific risk of breaking. These weekly coaching calls will reinforce the material… and clarify issues members want to review in relation to their current business challenges

Speciality Expert Courses

I’m also proud that we’ve partnered with an all-star lineup of experts in the Unbreakable Business System. Each of them has built and helped countless others build Unbreakable Businesses.

Here are some of the experts…


Elena Cardone

Empire Builder, author, businesswoman, mentor, mother, and my wife. We would not have an Unbreakable Business today without Elena’s partnership and support.


Stormy Wellington

She’s one of the world’s top network marketers and entrepreneurs. Stormy has made it her mission to bring opportunities to build an unbreakable business to everyday people. 


Anthony Morrison

Anthony has had years of super success as a marketer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s built businesses during good times and bad.


Pace Morby

Pace is the host of A&E’s show Triple Digit Flip. He is considered by many to be one of the most creative real estate investors educating the public today. 


Brandon Dawson

Brandon is my business partner and co-founder of Cardone Ventures. In 2016 he sold his business for $151 million (77x EBITDA). Since then, he’s been teaching thousands of entrepreneurs how to overcome business breakpoints. His mission is to show them the leadership and scaling tools necessary for becoming unbreakable. 


Peng Joon

Peng is one of the best-recognized authorities on marketing online. Many businesses are going to break because they’re behind the times on how to market and sell online. I’m excited to have Peng Joon helping our members become Unbreakable.


Shanda Sumpter

Shanda is the founder of Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. She is also an amazing business coach that helps owners get out of the middle class by growing their businesses.


Marcus Barney

I’m so proud to have Marcus’s involvement in this project. His “Recession Proof” program has taught over 7,000 mentees the financial literacy they need to stay Unbreakable in hard times. 


Eric Worre

Eric is one of the leading network marketing strategists on the planet. He has coached tons of top earners in the network marketing space. Worre will bring invaluable experience to the Unbreakable Business System.


Natalie Dawson

Natalie is a co-founder and president of Cardone Ventures. She’s the author of “TeamWork: How to Build a High-Performance Team.” Within the Unbreakable Business System, our members learn about the 4 Ps – one of which is the people in your business. And there’s no one better to make sure your Unbreakable Business is empowering the right people than Natalie.


Pete Vargas

Pete is my go-to guy for all things stages and communication. He’s the co-founder of 10X Stages with me. He’s the founder of Advance your Reach. And he’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs form their signature talk to communicate their message and impact the world. Communication is one of the five key pillars of an unbreakable business. And there’s no one better to help you level up than Pete Vargas. 


And the list of experts continues…

What’s the Key Takeaway Here?

The time to make your business unbreakable is right now. There is an economic storm brewing.

For those who follow the framework I’ve created here in the Unbreakable Business System, these tough years will be some of the best ever for growing and scaling a business. The opportunities will be massive. But I firmly believe that most people who stick to business as usual… will break as usual. Because the truth is, most businesses break in a crisis.

If you want to learn even more about The Unbreakable Business Challenge, go to this page where I’ve put even more details:

IMPORTANT: Click HERE for more details about my Unbreakable Business System.

Will you become Unbreakable? Or will you be left behind?

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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