Treat the Economy like a Terminal Disease!

You need to treat the current economic climate as you would a terminal disease! If you were told you had a terminal disease what would you do?
Unless you are ready to surrender and die, you would seek every possible solution! You would spend your last dollars in order to find a cure! You would travel to every corner of the planet seeking a solution! You would learn everything you could about the disease so you could find a solution to it!

This is exactly how individuals and businesses need to respond to the current economic situation. The economy is sick and it is no longer important how it got sick or who is to blame! The only thing that is important is what are YOU going to do to find your cure!

There are only three possible actions to take and only one is correct:
1) Ignore it: that is what got us here—unwilling to confront the problem.
2) Retreat: cut back, contract and get smaller- ultimately cease to exist.
3) Attack: do everything possible to expand and live- survival.

Individuals, businesses and entire governments have already been through the stage of ignoring. See foreclosures as one example of ignoring. This blog is for those who are deciding to attack!

Get out into your sphere and expand!

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