Top 9 Tips for Staying Positive

Without a great attitude nothing is possible.
Here are my Top 9 Tips for Staying Positive:

1) Counter negativity by putting up positive reminders (pictures, messages, notes) in places you can see.

2) Dedicate yourself to reading and listening to positive books and programs to shift your thinking and your actions.

3) Exercise 20 minutes everyday. Keeping your body healthy is just as important as keeping your mind well-trained.

4) Write down your future goals and dreams daily in present tense as though the goal has been achieved.

5) Create and commit to a disciplined schedule and do not deviate from it. This will create a sense of control.

6) Get an agreement from friends, family, and coworkers to stop all negativity and even make a game of it.

7) Start eating and drinking foods that are healthy. Avoid sugars during the day, and heavy meats
in the evenings in addition to increasing your water consumption.

8) Go to Sleep Early and Get up Early! If you don’t control when you go down, you won’t control when you get up. Early bird stills gets the worm, don’t kid yourself.

9) Fill Up Your Calendar with Activity. White space on a calendar creates uncertainty. The more you have to do the more you will and can do. Commit to more not less.

With everything you see in the media today, it’s easy to get influenced by those bastard communists that are hell-bent on keeping you depressed, so they can then sell you medications that could make you bleed from every orifice.

But seriously… it’s critical for you to remember that your attitude is senior to your ability to take action and follow through. The key for massive success is your attitude. Stay committed. Stay focused. Most importantly, stay positive.

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