This One Thing Will Determine Whether Your Dreams Come True or Not

Part 1: If you dream big, you must sell big

In this article you’ll learn: How important selling is to get the life you want.


Selling is a prerequisite for all the success you’re going create in your life no matter what you do. Regardless of your career, selling is for you. Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every of your life and it will by itself determine how well you survive.

No matter your title or your position, no matter where you are in life, no matter your role in the company you work for, whether you’re CEO or janitor, you will, at this point, have to convince others of your position. What I mean by that is what you believe in. Can you sell that belief, that idea, that concept, your dreams to someone else? See, your ability to do so impacts you in ways that will determine the very outcome of the future of your life.

Proof that Selling is Everything

Selling is not a job or a career; selling is a way of life. Your ability to do well in life, to survive, to prosper, to create your financial scene depends solely on your ability to sell others on those things you believed in. I’m not talking about just selling products or services here; I’m talking about you selling yourself and others on those things you want to go do in life.

Look, in life, you need to know how to negotiate. You’re going to buy a house one day. You’re going to sell a house. You’re going to get a job. You’re going to commit to a bonus program or get a salary; you have to know how to negotiate.

You have to know how to get another person’s agreement on some point at some place in your life. The ability to get others to like you is selling. The ability to get others to work with you and support you is selling.

The ability to get people to want to please you and make you feel good and do things for you is selling. See, selling is unavoidable; it determines how well you survive. Selling is not a job like most people think.

“Oh, I don’t want to be a salesperson.”

Look, selling is a way of life. The dictionary says that selling is the action of persuading or in influencing another to some course of action or to the acceptance of something.

Selling is an action of persuading—have you ever done that before? You were selling. You tried to convince your school teacher to give you a better grade. You were selling, right? You try to convince your kids to get to school on time so they can get a good grade. That’s selling; the action of persuading.

If you try to convince me to vote for somebody, you’re selling. See, who does this not impact? Selling includes debating.

Selling is Relationships

I convinced my wife to go out with me when she didn’t want to, that’s selling.

Getting a customer to buy a product from you is what most people know as selling, and the number one reason a business or a household fails is the inability to sell products in quantities great enough and at prices high enough!

Could You Sell Velcro?

The guy that created Velcro sold the world on something it was not asking for. He came up with this brilliant idea, presented it to the world, and the world made him rich. Why? Because he sold the idea. Many of you have ideas every day. The ability to sell those ideas will determine your survival.


No business owner can build a business without understanding the critical element called selling. Think of any action in life, any action, and I assure you there’s someone at one end or the other selling something. Learn everything you can about selling. Your life, your dreams, your future depends on one thing: The ability to sell.

For PART 2 of this article go HERE, where I talk about commissions and how they relate to you!

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