The Primary Focus for Success

Successful people don’t value the effort of work or time spent on an activity; they are mainly interested in the results you bring about.

Uninformed individuals attach a great deal of importance to the mechanics of work and think that the time they spend at work and their attempts at getting results – even if nothing happens should have significance. The key point to identify in this is the concept of being unreasonable.

Let’s face it: like it or not, the results are what is going to establish you in the marketplace. If you “attempt” to take out the trash but only make it halfway down the driveway, garbage will continue to accumulate in your home – and you will have a problem. Until you become completely, unreasonably fixated with hitting your targets and attaining the end goal, you will fall short of achieving what you desire. Quit patting yourself on the back for trying, and save those little treats you’ve been rewarding yourself with for actual accomplishments.

Drive yourself so that no one else has to. Be as hard as you need to be on yourself to get the needed level of discipline in and never let yourself off the hook until you get results. Results (not efforts) – regardless of the challenges, resistance, and problems- are a primary focus of the successful.

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