The Price Myth

Survey all of the salespeople and entrepreneurs in the world, and you’ll find that most believe that price is the number one reason people don’t buy their product or service. This is absolutely not true! Sales are lost because people within the company INCORRECTLY believe price is the reason customers do not buy their product.
Earning business is ultimately about getting the buyer to fall in love with the product and/or getting the buyer to have complete and urgent confidence that the product or service offered will solve their problems better than any other!

If you want a successful career in sales or a successful company, you must completely dismiss the idea that price will sell a product!

Price is not your problem to solve, but should be the customers problem to solve! Your problem is to get people to fall in love with your product to the point that they don’t want to spend another second without it! If you are selling a service or product that doesn’t inspire that “love factor,” then you have to make the buyer so confident in your product that they want to pay your price because they believe that it will improve their company or solve the problem that they want solved! Even remotely entertaining the concept that price is the reason people don’t buy will result in failure!

It is critical and vital to an individual’s existence and a company’s survival that this false belief about price be removed from the culture or the company will cease to exist!

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