The Most Average Industries

Average permeates society at all levels, but some industries, in general, are even more average than other industries. I want to highlight some of these today, the industries where it’s extremely difficult to find anyone truly committed to their craft.  Of course, there are exceptions, but I am speaking in generalities here. Without further ado, here are the top 5 professions where you will find the least amount of amazing.

#5 Flight Attendants—The airline industry has become so competitive on price that nobody seems to care about service. They would prefer to drag you down the aisle than take a $1200 hit on a seat they oversold. I know it doesn’t help that people are crammed into the cabin these days like cattle, so I’m sure flight attendants must deal with all kinds of complaints every flight. Nevertheless, an energetic, excited, joyful flight attendant that makes the whole experience better is a rare find.

#4 Fast Food—I know because I used to work at McDonald’s. I was there for my $7 an hour and I hated it. Let’s face it, this is still true for most fast food workers today. I hated working at McDonalds—and not because it was McDonald’s. I hated it because it was not lined up with my goals and purposes. The guy who worked next to me loved his job because it aligned with his goals and purposes. I was there because I wanted some spending money, and he was the guy making $7 an hour but who wanted to learn the business and open 100 franchises. He didn’t understand why I wasn’t excited, and I didn’t understand why he was. I was fired, and he went on to own franchises.

#3 Retail Associates—Many adults treat this job as I did as a teenager at McDonald’s, as though this work is an illness. Whether they ring you up at the cashier or help you on the sales floor, it’s a chore for them to be there helping you and often they will not hide it. It doesn’t matter if you go to Sears or Payless Shoes, the local clothing boutique or Walmart, the experience is the same: lousy. Most of the time you have to get their attention if you need assistance and interrupt their time as they play on their phone.

#2 Anything Government—It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the DMV, the post office, or the state senate. It’s bad. It’s gotten so bad that nobody expects anything extraordinary from any government employee, instead, we expect lousy and are pleasantly surprised if they just reach mediocre. The bureaucracy of the system is obviously conducive to all of this, but every individual still has the choice to decide to be great each day they go to work.

#1 Real Estate Industry—I’m talking about both brokers and agents here. Nobody calls you back. Nobody works weekends. Everyone takes forever to get anything done. There is no regard for speed, follow-up, or exceeding anyone’s expectations. This industry, as a whole, is as mediocre as they come. This is good news for the realtor who actually commits to be great because they will be able to take market share.

Look around and you’ll see a world filled with average. Most of the world is comparing themselves with the norm or the “average.” Even top producers in companies are labeled “top” because of the comparison to the average.

Average can kill the possibility of making your dreams a reality. No matter where you work, you should make goals your to fuel your actions—and make them big and make them often and then see if you can tie them in with your other greater purposes.

If you say, “I don’t like my job” that is code for “I don’t make enough money.” You need to drop that grind mindset and get a new attitude, one that will give you a desire to grow and learn new skills. The market is never saturated with greatness, so people will notice you when you begin to get great at your job.

Become great anywhere and you can use that as a way to get promoted or to learn new skills that you can then use elsewhere in the future at another place.

Whether worker or consumer, nobody wins being average. I’m encouraging everyone who’s looking to a better future, everyone who wants to push a little harder for more income, and everyone who wants to take advantage of opportunity to come to 10XGrowthCon.

Be great,


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