The Mindset to Achieve Anything

The mindset to achieve anything. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about Walt Disney and how you can make your dreams a reality just like he did with his dreams.

Today, I want to follow that article up with another post that focuses more on the right mindset you need to achieve your dream.

This is simply about how to truly get what you want out of life.

In fact, what I’m going to discuss with you today really is the ticket to your wildest dreams coming true.

If you want that, read on…

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First off, to properly explain to you the secret of getting what you want out of life, I want to tell you about Jerry Weintraub.

He passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 77, but many of you may know him from producing films such as The Karate Kid and Ocean’s Eleven.

Before he got into making hit movies, he was a talent manager.

Jerry is credited with making show business history by becoming the first person to organize and manage large arena concert tours for singers.

We’re talking guys like Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, John Denver, and Led Zeppelin.

So, how did a guy born in Brooklyn with no connections end up doing all that?

The Mindset to Achieve Anything

#1 Ignore the Doubt

In 1970, Jerry Weintraub had an idea—a vision.

His wife told him he was nuts.

Most normal people would tell him the idea was stupid and couldn’t be done, but he wanted to take Elvis—the biggest star in the world at the time—on a national tour.

He didn’t know Elvis and didn’t know anybody who had a connection to Elvis, but Jerry had the commitment.

This is where Jerry Weintraub separates from most people.

Instead of just dreaming or thinking about the obstacles and giving up, he began to take action.

#2 Persist Even When Doubt Grows

Jerry contacted Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s manager, and kept calling him month after month for a year.

He persisted, so he eventually got a meeting with the Colonel.

Jerry closed him and was told that Elvis’s only request was that Elvis wouldn’t play to an empty room.

In fact, Elvis didn’t want to play if there was a single empty seat.

Every single seat in the house needed to be full when he sang. The place had to be packed!

His first show with Elvis was right down the road from where I am today—Miami Beach.

He booked the convention center with 10,000 seats.

He found out very late that thousands of seats were left unsold.

He called the Colonel to tell him he needed help, 5,000 seats were not filled yet. The Colonel replied, “Son, we don’t have a problem. You have a problem.

#3 Do Whatever it Takes and Find Creative Solutions

Jerry went next door where the Miami Beach Jail was and met the warden—and he got a deal done.

For $500 he got the prisoners to come into the building, take out 5,000 chairs, put them in the parking lot and they put a big blue tarp over them.

Elvis did his show and every seat was full.

Did Jerry improvise? Yes.

Did he break the rules? Maybe.

But he found a way.

He did whatever it took to get the job done.

Do you want to build a successful career?

You need to learn to persuade people and do the same. It’s “Whatever It Takes” out there folks.

This is the secret to getting what you want out of life:

Have a vision of what you want, take action to get it by persisting until you succeed despite doubt, doing whatever it takes to make sure you hit the goal.

Many years later Jerry said in his biography, “All life was a theater and I wanted to put it up on a stage. I wanted to set the world under a marquee that read: ‘Jerry Weintraub Presents.’”

Jerry Weintraub, Hollywood’s best promoter, knew this:

Life is a Stage, and You Need to be a Star

For those out there that don’t want to be a star, why not?

Are you ashamed of you, your product or your service?

Nobody else is going to promote you better than you.

You don’t go from growing up in the Brooklyn to a Hollywood producer by flying under the radar.

If Jerry Weintraub could work with guys like Elvis and Sinatra, make films with Clooney and Pitt, then why can’t you do the same type of big things?

If someone else does something, it doesn’t mean it’s already been done, it means it CAN be done.

You need BIG think.

The Mindset to Achieve Anything

Don’t listen to people who say bigger is not always better.

Tell that to Google or Facebook.

The best advice I ever got was that I need to think bigger.

So, start thinking huge, like I’m going to take Elvis on tour huge.

This is controversial because people will tell you that you’re going to be disappointed, that you should be realistic.

You will only be disappointed when you don’t even take a swing.

In Life, We’re All Actors

Throughout my life, I’ve had to step up and be (or at least act like) something long before I had actually earned the title.

Unlike a movie, your life is not a rehearsal–it’s the real thing.

Every scene counts and everything you do is causing the audience to experience something.

You, your family, your friends, the people you work with and your customers are all your audience.

Are you creating suspense, mystery, action, drama, and keeping your audiences riveted to their seats or is the audience becoming bored and disinterested?

The Mindset to Achieve Anything

You’re Also the Producer, Director, and Writer in the Marketplace You Act In

It’s your life! You fund it all.

It’s all on you.

Whether you are a rookie or a well-seasoned pro, you are required to act.

Every day requires you to play a role.

On any given day, most of us are busy fulfilling many roles and you probably want to be great at all of them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What have you been acting like?
  • Have you made a decision on the roles you want in life?
  • What roles do you want most?
  • Are you acting like success?
  • Are you acting like an entrepreneur?
  • Are you acting like you are in control?
  • What role would your family say you play the most?

I’m done acting like the character that every audience ends up disliking in the movie: victim, blamer, excuse maker, and hypocrite, and well, you get the point.

Your Life is a Movie and People are Watching

Your kids, your friends, and your customers watch you.

Now, what kind of movie are you going to make?

What’s the “role of your lifetime?”

Jerry Weintraub figured it out.

He achieved his dreams because he had the right mindset to do so.

He said YES to life, and not only did he make great movies, but his life was also a great movie.

He ignored the doubt, persisted even when the doubt grew, and did whatever it took to find creative solutions.

The Mindset to Achieve Anything


If you’re still in the process of figuring out what your dreams are, or maybe you know your big dream but you’re having trouble making it a reality…

Come to the next 10X Growth Conference.

Remember this:

You can achieve anything you set your mind on.

You are the producer of your life, and if you want to make a great movie you will need to fund it.

Be Great,


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