The Flat Earth and Other Conspiracies

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon…unless they didn’t. Whether you put your trust in NASA or the conspiracy theorists is your call, but there are other conspiracies that go all across the country that you may not be aware of. These conspiracies run through the media, banks, educational systems, and the home. You were most likely taught them from your parents at a young age, or you learned it along the way as you grew up just by living in society. I’m here to tell you today that you’ve been duped, but it’s not your fault.

The conspiracy I’m referring to today is that you were taught to save your money but it’s the wrong battle strategy. If you use the wrong tactic for 30 years, you will end up broke. The average American makes $58,000 a year and life costs more $58,000. How do you get out of that trap? 50% of American families have zero money saved for retirement. It’s not because half the people are stupid, it’s that the things we are all taught about money are a problem.

Here are 3 simple points to help you break the conspiracy that saving is your way to wealth:


  • The plan doesn’t work—You must challenge your assumptions. Your mommy and daddy’s plan was all about saving. This is the wrong battle plan. Ask yourself how “saving” has really worked out for you so far. I’m willing to guess that it’s left you with much to be desired financially, right?
  • Secure the job you have—Never hate on your job, but rather add income to your job. People complain about jobs and never learn to increase their income where they are already at. Never forsake your flow of money. Don’t worry about investing in wall street, worry about how you can add to the money you already make.
  • You need to prioritize income—This is the plan you need, you need to play offense, not defense. Make income your #1 priority. Saving $4 on a latte each day is not your problem. You need more dollars to buy as many lattes as you desire.

Many people have accepted a truth unquestioningly about money and are surprised later once they fully realize the depth of the conspiracy which has led them to a life of financial slavery. It’s no different than if you were taught your whole life that the earth is a globe and one day you came to realize there is no curvature—it would be shocking to realize your whole reality was flipped from the truth. Some people can’t handle the truth, but those that do can quickly recover and make up lost ground.

If you’ve been focusing on saving rather than on income, now is the time to flip your reality.

How would you like to double your income this next year? How would you like to be making over $100,000 and beyond? Get your ticket at 10XGrowthCon 2018  and let’s start your journey to wealth. This conference will be 3 days to help flip your mindset and get your money right.

Day 1 will focus on 10X Sales Growth 

I’ll bring you CEOs of top companies doing in excess of $100 million a year in sales. These are real executives of real companies. Learn first hand how they scaled their companies from an idea to a 10X powerhouse. Discover the mistakes they made along the way and how you can avoid getting caught in the same traps. Learn the leadership and growth strategies that they employed to drive sales and revenues over $100,000,000, and hear from them what they see and what they are planning for the next 3-5 years in the economy.

Day 2 will focus on 10X Marketing and Branding

Ready to get your message out to the Marketplace? We will focus on creating omnipresence in the marketplace about your product, service, and brand. You will get to learn from industry experts cutting edge strategies and tactics for Marketing, Websites, eCommerce, SEO, Online Sales Funnels, Social Media, Branding, and Lead Generation. Learn how my brand went from unknown to being a household name and how you can do the same!

Day 3 will focus on 10X Success

The final day of the conference will focus on maximizing your personal and professional potential. Learn how you can take your current levels of production, efficiency, motivation, income, and happiness to peak levels. The speakers of the day will share actionable strategies that will help amplify the intangible things in life. You will learn how to influence change in the culture of your business and help foster the 10X mindset in all that you do in business and in life.

Will you consider joining me in Vegas?

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