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Before I met Brad Lea, I was doing 250 gigs on the road a year. I was traveling all over the United States and was never home. After I got married and had my daughter Sabrina, I was like, “Man, this is a problem. I can’t be on the road this much. I need to treat this like a puzzle and figure it out because if I keep doing this, I’ll never be with my kids, I’ll never be with my wife, and I’ll ruin my marriage.” Brad Lea had been at that time pitching me on this LightSpeed thing for a long time—7 years. I finally called Brad up and said, “Hey, I’m ready to do the deal now.”

I could’ve gone out and funded that deal myself, I had the money, but I collaborated with him. As Kevin Harrington has said, “Why go out and try to be everything?”

When I go buy a car, I don’t go build a car.

So, Brad has helped me with the platform that Cardone University—the #1 sales training platform in the world—now sits on.

Brad Lea has also become a good friend—and he’s a great entrepreneur—so I’m having him speak at the 2nd annual 10XGrowthCon. He’s got so much good information to share with people that I wanted to introduce you to him today if you don’t know who is he yet.

He has what people call Bradisms. Here’s a sample few:

“If you don’t like the circus, stop performing in it.” —Brad Lea

“Good enough is never good enough.” —Brad Lea

“The more hands you shake the more money you make.” —Brad Lea

Brad Lea has a lot of opinions and isn’t afraid to share them. His Bottom Line show is a great example of how to use social media:

Brad Lea will be bringing down the house at 10XGrowthCon in Las Vegas this coming February. The bottom line is you need to get your ticket to the best entrepreneurial event of the year to network, grow, and learn from the most successful entrepreneurs in the world like Brad Lea.

Be great,



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  • Brian L

    Great advice. I wish I had thought about this 10 years ago

  • Michal Smazenka

    Trainings on YouTube with Grant is the best for me to pick up that damn phone and make it happen!
    Good Script to beat objections and controls the call!
    I need to practice !

  • Erick Urias

    I’m doing the Grant Cardone’s Sales training University for Veterans. It a great program!! Thanks uncle G !

  • Joseph Harrison

    Grant is a transformer and I have really enjoyed watching and reading his live casts and blogs. A no non-sense straight shooting kind of guy. Keep bringing it!

  • Nicolas Matias

    Grant cardone is the most hungry person I had ever known. I’m from Argentina and i start LEARNING English just to take as much tools as I can from him. And dude, the results come insanely quick. I will be great full with him for the rest of my life.

  • John matin

    I want to learn to make money using face book and other social media platforms how to proceed. Thanks uncle G. You are freekin awesom!!!

  • Alex Olivas

    Grant Cardone is definitely my real uncle and has delivered exponential value with all his content and symbiotic relationships with other top notch successful entrepreneurs. C’mon Man!! CARDONE U, 10XGrowthcon.

  • Scott P

    Amazing !! I can absolutely relate to what Grant is saying 100%. His content TOTALLY resonates with me. I’ve been doing his Seven Figure Sales Certification and man I wish I found him sooner. The more I read and get into it the more I realize he is the mentor, answer and Uncle I’ve been looking for. ~ PURE GOLD ~ if you use it.


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