The Blame Game – A Lose/Lose Proposition

Imagine running a race. You’re at the halfway point. Now the rules are that you can’t stay there in the middle. You either have to go back to the start or get to the finish line. If it takes the same amount of effort to go back as it does to go forward, why would you ever go back?
This is what blame is. Blame is looking to the past for excuses. But if you use that same amount of energy as you were using to blame others or past conditions towards creating growth for yourself now, then you will be one of only a handful of individuals who keep going towards that finish line as opposed to heading back and trying to start over again.

I’m not saying that there aren’t things that happen. They certainly do, but it is up to me to decide that I want to focus on the things that I can control. I want to make sure that I never grant others power over me.

I have been talking about how I want to save the California Dream on the news recently. In particular, I addressed Governor Jerry Brown, who wants to raise taxes for the top earners in the state. I am not opposed to raising taxes if the revenue is going towards creating solutions, instead of fixing old issues. Old problems exist because people made the wrong decisions. We need to make wise choices for effective action, not for the justification of previous poor decisions. Move forwards, never back.

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