The Biggest Business Conference of 2017 is About to Happen

The #1 Business Conference of the Year launches in less than 48 hours! 3 days of content, 24 experts, and 40 sessions detailing exact strategies and tactics you can use to explode your income, your business, and your life—what more could you want? How much would you pay for priceless information? What would you give to have access to live Q&A sessions with people who have produced billions of dollars? I’m talking no moderator, just me—your Uncle G—asking spontaneous, raw questions to the best CEO’s, the best marketers, and the best motivators in the world.

Day 1 is going to begin with Kevin Harrington, the original shark on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. The day will focus on big-time CEO’s of huge companies culminating with current Shark Tank contributor Daymond John, the creator of $6 billion-dollar FUBU clothing line. Learn more here

Day 2 will have Russell Brunson showing you how to revolutionize how you sell things online. Next, a series of the best motivators on the planet will inspire you to achieve your full potential and take your business to new heights. Learn more here

Day 3 will tie together some of the concepts you will be learning about through the weekend. The #1 Business Strategist in the World, Jay Abraham, will close the afternoon with a 2-hour Q&A session that will be worth the cost of the conference alone. Learn more here

You can either learn from your experience or the experience of others. Learning from your experience is expensive. It takes a very long time to accumulate any real wisdom learning by trial and error. It’s better to just learn from others who have gone before you. Invest in streaming this conference to avoid mistakes. If even 1 speaker of the 24 gives you some information that will either help you or stop you from making a future mistake, wouldn’t that be worth the cost of your access alone?

Entrepreneurs all over the world are flying to Miami as we speak. The conference floor is being swept and the speakers are getting sound checked. It’s all about to begin. The hotels are jam-packed—but you can still get your last minute streaming ticket here to watch from your home.

Get all 3 days streamed and keep the recording for life so you can go back and watch parts of it again later. Believe me, there will be so much good content here you’ll want to have access to viewing it again.

Are you ready for the 10X Growth Conference to begin?

Be great,

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