The 21st Century Way of Selling

The sales industry hadn’t innovated for decades before I created what’s called Information Assisted Selling. It’s trademarked and a codified way of selling—the ultimate way to create common ground. I use information while my competitors refuse to use it. Information Assisted Selling literally has changed entire industries. You can use information to put you in control of the sales process. Do you want to gain control, improve the sales process, and improve sales results? Information Assisted Selling makes it your job when you sell something to get the customer the information they want. This is no longer an option, the customer is DEMANDING it!

Think about what every customer has in common with every other customer. Whether they come over the internet, over the phone, or whether they walk in, they all are coming for one thing —and it’s not you. It’s information. Some of you may think they are coming to buy, but they are coming for information so they can buy the product. Without the information first, they can’t make a decision. Most sales processes break down because the organization does not want to give information.

Information is the ultimate common ground. 

Now, to be clear, you can’t just simply give people information and expect them to lay down and buy — you need to use the offer of information to engage the buyer in the process so that you have a shot at getting them to the close.  Use the offer of information separate from the giving of information. The offer of information will allow you to enter the fact finding/pre-appraisal phase so that you can collect data and build a solid buyer profile so you land them on the right product.

I go into more detail on this in Cardone University.

Always separate the idea of offering and giving information. For example, if I offer you, “Would you like to know the weather tomorrow?” And you say yes, then I can transition into the fact-finding step. I don’t immediately give the information, I would say, “Where will you be tomorrow?” If you will be in Denver, you don’t need the weather for Kansas City, get it?

The information has to be relevant, and until you can do some fact finding you won’t know which information to give them. 

The offer of information will differentiate you from others in the greeting. Never say things like “I can’t”, “I won’t”, or “not until”. Offering information provokes a “yes”, establishes a common ground, puts you in control, and moves the sales process forward. We are in the information age and a time of transparency. Offer to give in order to get!

When I greet a customer I see myself in the close. Before I even introduce myself I want to see the deal. This is why I open with the offer to provide information. “Hi, I’m Grant, and you are? What can I get you information on today?”  Whether they call in, hit the website, or even walk into my office, I know they are seeking information and the one who makes it easiest to gather data will more often than not, win the deal.

Many companies withhold information over the phone in an effort to try and make people come in, but this is a terrible strategy. My Master the Cold Call University teaches you scripts and shows you how to correctly handle people over the phone while offering information.

Information assisted selling is part of having a high powered sales machine that wins you big, monster deals. I want to double your sales, even 10X your sales!

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