Thankful? Yes. Satisfied? NEVER!

This is the time of year when we think about all we have to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my beautiful wife and our two girls. I’m thankful for my team and the support they give me. I’m thankful for my clients, my friends, and my church.

Thankful? Yes, absolutely! Satisfied?? No way!

Like the song goes, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” Why? Because nothing kills dreams and motivation faster than satisfaction with the way things are. Being satisfied means you no longer want more. There’s no demand to learn, expand, grow or go all in. You think you have enough. You think you can just coast along or get by. You might as well be dead.

What if we stopped at the first version of the computer or the first model of the automobile? Technology is constantly evolving and improving and so should we.

You’re probably reading this thinking I’m a lunatic. Really, Cardone, never be satisfied? Isn’t the payoff for hard work satisfaction, comfort and the right to relaxation? It has to do with one question: What is your purpose? When you know your purpose, then there’s always more to do, ways to do it bigger, better or faster.

Think of the term “customer satisfaction.” This commonly used expression makes me nuts. Why would anyone want a satisfied customer? What you should want is a customer who is so ecstatic that they tell everyone they know about the excellent experience they had with you. Customer Excellence, yes! Aim for that.

So this Thursday think about all you have to be thankful for. Make a list. Be gracious and take nothing for granted. Then flip the paper over and write down your goals and the things you want to improve and expand on. Go ahead and eat the turkey, watch the game and enjoy your family… and when the holiday is finished, get moving and make things happen.

Look at places in your life where you have told yourself you are satisfied, where you have settled for average. What can be better? What more can you do? What’s your big goal? Are you satisfied with your progress towards reaching it? Ask the right questions and go beyond satisfaction. Go for greatness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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