Take Everything You Do to Another Level

Take everything you do to another level.

This is what all the Greats do. They are motivated by the next level. Whether it is a phone, a car, clothing, or a purse. You name it, shoes, airplanes, whatever.

You know what? Airlines; nobody has done anything significant with the airlines for 40 or 50 years. No wonder the industry sucks. Why? It’s because nobody has taken it to another level. Virgin America comes out and they take it to another level and everyone is like, “Oh I love that. I’d rather pay to fly Virgin than pay, maybe to fly Delta.” Why? It’s because the guy there took it to another level.

That’s what you need to do. Don’t just let other people be doing this. Figure it out. Go to sleep at night thinking how can I take my career to another level. How can I take this and disrupt the industry. How can I take what I do to a completely different level? Look, ask yourself good questions and you will be motivated. Ask yourself how you can reach greatness, rather than average or good, and you’re going to be motivated.

Take everything that you do to that next level, and ask yourself that question, “How can I take what maybe another company has done, and take it to a completely new level?”

You will be motivated, you will be inspired, and you will be energetic.

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