Take Enough Time Off to Fulfill Your Desire for Time Off

Take time off. Take enough time off to fulfill your desire for time off. Look if you need time off then please do yourself a favor – take enough of it. Take enough time off that you’re done taking time off.
I hear people all the time say, “I got to go on a vacation, and I got to do this.” I ask them when was the last time they took a vacation and they reply, “Well, we took a little short one about 3 months ago…” Dude, why don’t you take a long one? Why don’t you go off for like three months? Go off long enough that you’re sick of being off. Just go fulfill it like if you got to fulfill it go fulfill it. Take enough time off to fulfill your desire for time off.

Let me just tell you a little trick here, a little secret here. The most successful people, at least in business and in finances don’t take a lot of time off. They don’t. Their vacations are rocking and rolling. They like winning in the marketplace. That’s what they do that’s what motivates them – that’s what gets them excited.

There has not been one vacation that I have ever taken that I didn’t end short. I am like; hey I am sick of this can I go home now? Can we go back to work? Can we go back and play again? Can we go back to making our life what we want it to be? That’s the game man! It’s like Disneyland of life.

Take enough time if you need it. Look, at least take enough off that you fulfilled your desire for time off. It might be a good thing. Maybe you need 5 days or 6 days or a week.

But look if you’re packing the rest of your day and the rest of your week, and the rest of your calendar, so what. Nobody is going to care except maybe you.


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