Success Matters!

Success should never be reduced to something that does not matter or isn’t important. It is vital and should be held as such!

If you are unable to succeed in taking care of your children, they will be taken over by the state. For an individual or group to continue on, he or she must actively accomplish his or her goals and targets (succeed) or he or she will cease to exist. For a business or industry to continue on, it must be successful in creating new products, getting those products to the market, keeping clients, employees and investors happy and repeating that cycle, over and over.

Cute sayings that somehow dismiss the importance of success abound, like, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Please! When your future viability is threatened, these cute little sayings will prove to be poor substitutions for success. The last couple of years of economic turmoil should have made it obvious that we all underestimated how much success is needed and how valuable it actually is to our survival and well-being!

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