Stop Playing Games

The American population is allowed to play games, consume garbage celebrity gossip, and think that being social is posting on Facebook; with what appears to be no penalties for failing.

We allow our youth to believe that going to high school and college ensures their futures when in truth they don’t even know how to work! Without the understanding of the value of work and how to work, an education is almost meaningless. I spent 17 years attaining a college degree and there was not one course on the value of work. Had it not been for my parents as role models, (both influenced by the great depression) I would not value work as much as I do today!

We spend more money on our school system than any other country in the world, yet there is not one course on the value of work. It isn’t just the kids with this problem but millions of people in the workforce as well. The moment the country experiences any serious economic contraction those operating at any of the first three levels of effort always find themselves at risk.

A strong work ethic made this country great – it created the wealthiest nation on this planet by creating a massive middle class. This was a time when work was considered a duty, an obligation, even a responsibility. I suggest we spend more time instilling work ethic back into our culture and less time on Angry Birds, Farmville and mind numbing TV. Success is not an entitlement issue it is an issue of applying the right amount of effort (work).

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