Stay Hungry and You Will Never Go Hungry

Top 50 Traits of Great Salespeople #35: Great salespeople stay hungry knowing this is the only way to not go hungry.

Phil Jackson will absolutely go down as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He retired with 11 titles as a coach—this is no small accomplishment.

What do you think would have happened if he was happy with just his first title? If Jackson hadn’t relentlessly pursued more titles and greatness, he would probably just be a point of trivia on a game show as opposed to a household name.

Jackson made an active decision to continue to stay hungry even though he had supposedly achieved the height of his profession. Jackson continued to push the envelope and to challenge himself. This allowed him to be one of the highest paid coaches in history. To this day, even as a retiree, he is still being courted by NBA franchises.

Great salespeople will always look to better themselves. If a salesperson reaches #1 and then stops, he will quickly be surpassed by everyone behind him and he will soon find himself without a job.

Do you have an instance of when you got something you went after and then lost it because you didn’t stay hungry?

What are you currently working towards achieving?

What are you going to do after you get it?

What makes you think that you will be secure if you stop being hungry?

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