Startup and Grow


Most people hear the phrase “start up” and automatically think it only refers to owning your own company. The truth is, we are all in start up mode every time we start something new. This can mean a new job, new role in your company, moving to a new city, a new relationship, or starting a new week or new month. Employees, sales people, managers, and owners are ‘starting up’ all the time. And when you quit starting up, you will just stop. Once you start up, hopefully you’ll go where you want to go. Here’s how to make that happen.

My first business started 25 years ago and I’ve had thousands of ‘start up’ phases along the way. I also had a bunch of stalls and slow downs, gone backwards more times than I can count and missed more quotas than I have hit. In fact, you and I are both in start up phase again right now, as we set new quotas and targets.


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