Shoot for Extraordinary

Shoot for the extraordinary. Make a list of the top five, greatest, most unbelievable, extraordinary people, that have ever been on this planet. You are going to see these people were shooting for something big, giant, extraordinary – EXTRAORDINARY!

“Ordinary” means like everybody else and “extra” means above and beyond the call of duty. So whatever you are doing; whether it is your personal life, whether it is your physical life, your spiritual life, your emotional life, or the business and financial parts of your life – shoot for the Extraordinary.

Get above the fray. Get above the “I am going to be like everybody else, and I am going to fit in and blend in.” Folks you’re not in high school anymore. This isn’t a prom where you have to be the most likeable person. Shoot for doing something really extraordinary. Not like everyone else is doing. Not the quotas they are hitting. Not the money they are making. Not the marriage they have. Not the life they have.

Shoot for something that makes people say, “Oh my god I wish I could live like that!” or “I wish I created a product like that!” I am not saying you will. Maybe you won’t. Maybe nobody will even know you existed. But shooting for extraordinary will keep you excited and motivated and driven.

Most people talk about the high achievers, the really successful, that are not even able to reach their goals, because their goals are so big. They’ve been shooting for extraordinary so much because they are driven to. And that’s what we’re doing here. We’re trying to keep you motivated and excited.

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