Seven 10X Rules for Success

January is almost over and I hope your 2015 plans are well under way. I’ve been doing a lot of sales training about unfair advantages, finding the right vehicle, hiring sales people and more. This week I want to talk about 10X’ing your life. It’s the Holy Grail for those who desire success.
These 10X Rules will dissolve fears, increase your courage and belief in yourself, eliminate procrastination, insecurities, and provide you with a sense of purpose. It will revitalize your life, dreams and goals.

Personally, the biggest mistake I’ve made is not setting my goals high enough—in both personal and professional aspects of my life. It takes the same amount of energy to have a great marriage as it does to have an average one, just as it takes the same amount of energy and effort to make $10 million as it does $10,000. Sound crazy? It’s not—and you’ll see when you start operating at 10X levels. Your goals will change, and the actions you take will finally start to match who you really are and what you are really capable of doing.

These are just Seven 10X Rules of Success that I want to highlight today. I did a 10X Sales Training Seminar last year that was two sessions with over 5 HOURS of content. The application of this principle is unlimited and I want you to get an idea of what these 10X Rules are about so you can start putting them into practice.

1. 10X Mindset.
“Starting from the bottom isn’t a deficit, it’s a gift.”

The greatest turning point of my life, both professionally and personally, was when I stopped casually waiting for success and instead started to approach it as a duty, obligation and responsibility. My life was a pitiful mess—I had been aimless, with no purpose or focus. But even the most fortunate and well-connected people among us have done something to put themselves in the right place at the right time in front of the right people. Luck is just the byproduct of those who take the most action.

2. 10X Health
“No matter how it may seem, no one has control of your life but you.”

Good health is a actually commission that you must manage as you would your business, by eating healthy and exercising. If you take massive action with destructive habits but less effort with eating right and exercise, swap it. Spend less time partying and more time networking; less time at bars and eating fast food and more time nurturing your health like you would a growing business. A person is going to excel in those areas they invest the most time and attention in—take massive action for your health and success.

3. 10X Work Ethic
“I never trusted my talent, so I outworked everyone.”

I have been studying success for the better part of three decades and have been asked hundreds of times in seminars and interviews, “What is the one quality/action/mindset that will ensure a person creates extraordinary success?” This has nagged at me in creating success in my own life as well. I don’t have some gene that others don’t; I definitely haven’t been lucky. I wasn’t born into wealth or connections to the ‘right’ people.

Looking back, I see the most consistent element with any success I’ve achieved is putting forth 10 times the effort that others around me did. For every sales presentation, phone call, or appointment others made, I was making 10 times more of each.

I was completely unknown when I built my first company—and I started without a business plan. I had no connections and zero know-how, but I operated at activity levels far beyond what others considered reasonable—and as a result I literally changed an industry.

Seven 10X Rules of Success Grant Cardone Sales Training Motivation

4. 10X Finance
“There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people going for it.”

Money never sleeps—it gets bored though and bored money goes to somebody else. Look, you need to seek freedom; not comfort. The middle class is seeking comfort. This is the mistake of the middle class. I want wealth, not income—but don’t take this out of context, I want income, but I only want income to build wealth. You need to think about $500,000, not $50,000—10X your financial goals and mindset.

A testament to this: How My Sales Commissions Went From 50k to 400k A Year

Don’t be handcuffed by your victories; don’t settle on your current situation, keep pushing yourself—your income, your network and your savings.

5. 10X Time
“If patience is a virtue, urgency is divine.”

Every single person has 168 hours in a week, and the average US employee is only at work 37.5 of those 168 hours. And it‘s pretty unlikely that most people actually work this entire 37.5 hours. In fact, the average individual spends 22.3% of their available time at work, 33.3% asleep, and then 16.6% in front of a TV or online—and those comparisons assume that you spent 100% of your time at work actually working!

To really understand, manage, maximize and squeeze every opportunity out of the time you have, you must fully understand and appreciate how much of it you have available to you. You must first take control of your time—and not allow others to do so. If you listen to people discuss the topic of time—especially in regards to the amount they have at work—you‘ll probably hear a lot of complaining. People act as though work is something to get through; yet in reality they spend very little of their time being productive. Most people only work enough that it feels like work, whereas successful people work at a pace 10X faster, and get such satisfying results that work becomes a reward. Truly successful people don‘t even call it work; for them, it‘s a passion.

6. 10X Potential
“How far you have come is less important than how far you can go.”

Only you know your true potential and whether you‘re living up to it—no one else can judge your success. Success is defined as, the degree or measure of attaining some desired object or end. Once you attain this desired end, the issue then becomes whether you can maintain, multiply and repeat the steps that got you there in order to sustain it. Look, you need to think of success like a breath of air—your last breath of air was important, but it’s not nearly as important as the next.

7. 10X Boss
“One week they love me. Next week they hate me. Both weeks I get paid.”

While getting criticized is certainly not the best feeling in the world, I have great news: receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you are well on your way! Criticism is not something that you want to avoid; rather, it‘s what you must expect to come your way once you start hitting it big.

This is why some people avoid attention in the first place—to dodge being judged. However, there’s no way to achieve serious levels of success without getting some attention—and yes, this will cause you to draw the attention of haters. No matter what your choices in life are, someone is going to criticize you—wouldn’t you rather be criticized by people who are just jealous of your success?

Success is not a choice or an option; it is your duty to operate with the right level of thoughts and actions. So follow through on your responsibilities and leave a footprint of success on this planet—so that when you are done with your tour of duty you will be remembered for approaching life with nothing less than the biggest dreams and most remarkable actions. Thinking at 10X levels and taking 10X actions will result in you creating more success than you ever dreamed.

Be great, nothing else pays much,


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