Sense of Urgency Can Motivate You

Move with speed and urgency. You know I talked about running from activity to activity. Once you’re in an activity you want to move with speed and you want to move with urgency.
You want to move with hunger, like “I’ve got to get this done, I’ve got to get it done now it’s urgent!” We’ve got to get it done man! You want to operate with that kind of motivation.

But then you say, “Grant you’re wearing me out, you’re wearing me out Grant. Just talking about this is wearing me out.” you know why? Because you are operating on this much lower demand of your time and your energy and your necessity level.

When you get necessity, when you have urgency people become capable, stronger, brighter, and more creative. When it’s urgent you’re going to actually find your true potential.

Move with speed, move with urgency. I want you to write down how you can actually start operating with urgency. For example, look at your emails. How can you be more urgent in how you communicate with people? How can you be more urgent and operate with greater speed on all your activities?

You are going to need a few minutes to think about how you can operate with speed and urgency. Because the truth is most of the planet is not operating with any sense of speed, much less any sense of urgency on any given task.

Try this right now and see how motivated you become.

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