Sell Yourself, then Your Customers!

TOP 50 Traits of Great Salespeople: Installment 9
23. GREAT Salespeople have deep convictions that cannot be challenged by economies, competitors or lower prices.

Great salespeople are SOLD.
They are sold on their products and services no matter what is going on around them. They firmly believe that their products are THE BEST!

The economy cannot change a great product.
If you believe this, then you understand just how important it is to be sold on what you sell. In fact, you should think of it this way: in a down economy, people will still spend money, but they won’t put their money at risk. People are willing to spend on items that they think are worth their every cent—they must be fully convinced of the worth of whatever it is they’re buying. Thus, be sold on what you’re selling, so that you can confidently sell others on what you, yourself, believe is a worthy investment!

Your competitors shouldn’t effect your selling either.
There has to be an absolute resolve when you talk to a customer about how your service will blow that competitor out the water. You need to be able to look the customer in the eye and show them your earnest conviction to help them.

Think about Girl Scout cookies salesgirls. Have you ever been approached by them as you exit the supermarket? Those girls are eager and ready to sell you goodies that you know you shouldn’t have. The ones that offer a lackluster question: “Would you like to buy some cookies?” are easy to give a small polite “No, thank you” to. However, the ones who give you beaming smiles and speak with a projected, positive voice suggesting (rather than asking): “You should get some GREAT cookies!”, are the girls who get the most sales. They’ll continue with: “They’re so delicious and the proceeds go to help my troop!” Next thing you know, you have 5 boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints in addition to your bags of groceries you just left the store with. You just got sold.

That’s conviction! Those Girl Scouts were absolutely sold that you needed those cookies, not for any health-related reasons, but for a cause, for the taste, and because it was great selling.

Your customers need to walk away smiling, just like you did when you purchased Girl Scout cookies that day. Make them feel that even though they spent money they didn’t intend on using, they bought the best. When this happens, you have shared your deepest convictions as a GREAT Salesperson.

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