Sell or Be Sold

Most of us never intend on being salespeople, but at some point in life, we are all required to SELL. Sooner or later, you will come to this same conclusion: to get your way in life and in business, you will have to sell, persuade, negotiate, present and make a convincing case on WHY you, your ideas or your products are better than a competitor’s.

You and I live in a globally competitive environment. Those who can get the most attention, maximize that moment of opportunity and then successfully SELL, are the winners.
Resist this if you want, but it doesn’t change the fact; you are either doing the selling or being sold on someone else’s idea.
The client who says “No” to you, who rejects you, who puts you off, who won’t see you is SELLING you rather than you SELLING them!

Your access to essential selling advice is finally here!

My latest book, Sell or Be Sold, was written by me for you and your success!


Learn how to:
• Sell in a bad economy
• Overcome call reluctance
• Fill your pipeline with new business
• Stay positive
• Handle rejection
• Get a higher Price
• Manage time
• Utilize social media
• Handle objections
• Become a PRO!


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