Sell a Customer Based on Past Experiences

One of my favorite and most effective ways to start any sales cycle is to ask the customer about what they are currently using.

For example, If I was selling a phone, I would ask the customer what phone are they currently using.

What do they like about it? What would they like to change? What made them buy that phone in the first place?

The reason I want to know these details is because I know that this customer is a buyer. If they were willing to spend money on that phone then I know that they are willing to spend money on my new phone.

But more importantly, I easily get to see what things are important to them and tailor my presentation to their needs. If a customer tells me that the most important feature for them was the calendar or the texting features, then I’m going to make sure that in my presentation I show them how the new phone will improve what their current phone does.

This works for any product. Watches, cars, appliances, etc. The next time a customer comes in start asking them about their previous purchases of that or a similar product. The information that you get will make your sales cycle much more effective.

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