Proof You’re Being Scammed

For those of you who don’t know, I’m on Tinder. Really, I am! I didn’t know it myself until recently. I’m probably also on EHarmony, Cupid, or whatever other platforms are out there for people to connect and find love. But why would I be on a place like Tinder? I’m a happily married man with two beautiful daughters. So why can you find me on Tinder?

Scammers. Losers. Posers. Wanna Be’s.

They go on Tinder and use my pictures—which are all over the internet—and seduce women into making stupid financial decisions. I think this has to be at the top of all the dumb scams in history. Here are the new top 3 scams:

#3 The Nigerian Prince 

The story goes like this: an email says that somebody is in prison unjustly/kidnapped/exiled. They’ve got money—lots of it—but they can’t access it now. If you can help them now, they will reward you big later. Maybe it’s just a Nigerian prince who needs to transfer $10 million but can’t use an African bank account so he needs your assistance.

#2 The “You’re a Winner” 

Somehow, someway, you’ve won a contest. Nevermind that you don’t remember ever entering a contest, the point is, you won something. Just send in your personal identification documents and you will be verified to receive your big cash prize!

#1 The Handsome Guy Wants to Date You

You pop onto Tinder because you’re feeling a little lonely. Then you see this handsome guy:

Scammer poses as Grant Cardone


No, that’s not your Uncle G, this is your sick Uncle Brian. He claims he’s a single dad, and all he wants is your love…and money. Let him, and he will build up the relationship, coddling you with soft whispers of sweet nothings in your ear. He like’s “honesty” and dislikes “lies” and “betrayal”. I guess this means he doesn’t follow the golden rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Look, people, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The world is a brutal place, and the chances of a Nigerian prince, some obscure lottery, or a guy like me contacting you specifically because you have money that we need, and that we will reward you later for it, is just about 0%.





When you become successful in life, people will imitate you—there’s no getting around this. People will go beyond imitation and impersonate you because they want to use the success you’ve created for themselves. This will never work though because all true success involves being ethical.

Personally, I don’t think of money and success separately. Real ethical success means I am earning money and doing the right things with it. I’m using money to take care of my family and to reinvest in my business to further my mission to help others accomplish their goals. You too need to tie your success to your own personal moral and ethical code. This will fuel you.

When you find an ethical mission and tie success to that, you become ethically driven instead of financially driven, and you will see a shift in your level of motivation, commitment, productivity, and reward.

Scammers, in the end, will never be rewarded. Don’t be fooled by them and their bankrupt ethics.

Be great,


P.S. Watch out for scammers pretending to be me. Here is one I caught recently using my name and profile picture to scam people by pretending to offer Bitcoin investing opportunities. NEVER send Bitcoin to a guy appearing to be Grant Cardone because the real Uncle G will never ask you for that!

Scammer posing as Grant Cardone

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