Satisfaction Kills

TOP 50 Traits of Great Salespeople: Installment 13

27. Great Salespeople are never satisfied with themselves, their efforts, their delivery or their incomes.

Satisfaction will kill you. Make no mistake; when you are “satisfied”, you will no longer be actively growing, mentally. If this sounds harsh, then I’m glad I can be the one to give you the wake-up call!

What is satisfaction? Does it mean that nothing else should or could be achieved? Satisfaction is a completely worthless goal to work towards because it doesn’t truly exist. Anytime I talk to people who tell me that all they want is to be “satisfied in life”, I immediately know that these are the people that I wouldn’t want to associate with. Sooner or later, they will become so mentally checked-out and will no longer be achieving great things.
Satisfaction is different than happiness.
You should always be happy no matter how low or high you are on the company ladder- as long as you are working towards bettering yourself. There is always room for improvement, something that you can do better every day. Despite the success I have achieved, I am never “satisfied” and will never settle to just be what I am today. I will always be pushing to achieve more, to work at a higher standard, and reach more people. There’s always a better close I can use, a more engaging Facebook post or compelling Tweet that I can share.

Take for example, a great athlete. Even after winning the Super Bowl this year, do you think that Eli Manning or the rest of the team will stop practicing until next season?  No! They’re going to work, practice and continue to watch film until they are better than they were last year. They know that winning is great, but to be satisfied with that victory will only result in them losing their title in the up coming season. Even if they still have the best players, unless those players work to improve their game (because I guarantee you that every other team in the league will be) they will not be able to win.

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