Are you looking for a new opportunity to become a part of a winning team?

Are you looking for a new opportunity to become a part of a winning team?

If you are passionate about helping others and changing lives, we want to hear from you!
This is an opportunity for someone who thrives in an upbeat, fast-paced environment and can handle a goal oriented team atmosphere.
Your role will be to coach members and large audiences on our products and materials to enhance their success in-person and virtually.
Our mission is to offer tools, resources, and support to everyone around the world so they can create success for themselves.
Everyone is capable of success and we want to help them be successful in all aspects of their lives.

If you are selected for this life-changing role you will:

  • Lead training sessions, develop relationships, and streamline communication to ensure success for our members with our programs.
  • Create deliverable training programs, workshops, and customized programs to guide our members on their learning journey.
  • Write copy and perform editing as well as proofreading of all current and newly created training materials, workbooks, manuals, handbooks, PDF files, etc.
  • Present current programs, in addition, create new content and material from our webinars, books, keynote presentations, and other resources into deliverable curriculums.
  • Support and collaborate with the curriculum team to provide on-brand print and/or digital learning materials.
  • Offer people the opportunity to create unimaginable success in their lives while working with a team of proactive individuals.

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  • Hi my name is Natalie Restrepo, I am the director of Client Relations for Grant Cardone. Before I started working with CTTI I was an Anthropology student with big dreams and little pockets to fund them. Ignorant to the fact that if I wanted to achieve my life mission it would require massive responsibility on my part.


    When I realized, it hit me like a brick, I needed to make enough money to break free and help others.I started off in the shipping department making sure every order was fulfilled and filtered to get up sold by next department. From there I made my way up to where I am now and  I can't wait to achieve the next level.

    Working for CTTI the opportunities are endless! And the best part?

    Having Grant Cardone as an example every single day Mon-Fri, rain or shine he shows up #10X

    Natalie Restrepo
    Natalie Restrepo Director of Client Relations
  • Before working for Grant Cardone, I didn't have any information I could take from a work place or college that I could apply back home in my personal finances and my goals as an entrepreneur & musician. Being in this environment allows me to translate everything I learn at work back to my home, family, career and my life overall. I had actually never made more than $3,000 a month and had no idea how to control the intake of my income but since working here I've learned to be successful and have money - you need to have the right information and be disciplined, everyday. It's like being in the Military of Sales & Personal Finance - if you are disciplined enough you will take a lot more with you from this office than you've "learned" in your entire life. Not just money, but the right information needed to be eternally wealthy.   Every company should invest in learning how we create this company culture and keep it 10X!

    Kelvin Rodriguez
    Kelvin Rodriguez Client Relations Team
  • It is very rare to find a workplace where positivity, success and opportunity are so abundant. Working at Cardone Enterprises gave me an opportunity to bring my skills and abilities to a company looking to give people an opportunity to do something big. We are constantly looking for talented people looking for the right vehicle to join our team, think you have what it takes???

    Jarrod Glandt
    Jarrod Glandt President
  • Cardone Training Technologies is a living breathing example of the 10X Rule. If you're unfamiliar with that example, imagine a world with standards as high as it's enthusiasm... and it's genuine. Every single person we hire says "Wow, everyone looks like they actually want to be here. And it's not an act". If you're looking for an environment where you must prove yourself daily, you're surrounded by the hardest working people you ever met, and you're willing to come in every single day as the best version of you, then give it a shot. If that seems intimidating, you might have to do some serious self-improvement before stepping in.

    I did door to door sales for a couple years before opening my own direct sales office. I saw a lot of success before I had to close its doors. I remember thinking that I would never be able to work for anyone other than myself. But that changed. I walk into our daily success meeting and realize everyone is here on a mission. I hang up the phone after helping a client increase their income to then find Grant running an impromptu meeting to help us increase ours. We refuse to stop. If I was going to work for anyone other than myself, it would be Grant. Working here is so entrepreneurial and rewarding that it feels like I'm still running that business. I'm still challenged. I still get excited. I'm a better man and father because of it. It's not just a career. It's a lifestyle.

    Manny Melas
    Manny Melas Director of Client Performance
  • Working for Grant Cardone and the 10X Team has been like nothing else in my life. I entered the workforce when I dropped out of high school at 16 years old. All of a sudden it was 20 years later and I had made $600k over the 20 years. Living paycheck to paycheck the entire time. I had the opportunity to participate in Whatever It Takes The Ultimate Job Interview with Grant Cardone and I won my job with Grant. This began a journey towards success that I never even imagined. In the first 4 years with Grant, I earned over $1,000,000. I became a real estate investor with multiple 6 figures invested with Cardone Capital. I even closed a Million Dollar Deal in April 2018. With training every day and the team holding me accountable I am expected to set the example of greatness and going after my potential every day.

    Working for Grant is the best decision I have ever made in my life and the best thing I have ever done for myself. Go for Greatness and Reach for Your Full Potential!

    Dave Robards
    Dave Robards Senior Executive Sales Manager


  • Get 10X motivation in our daily meetings
  • A friendly but productive environment
  • Work with a very talented team
  • Offer employees’ package of benefits
  • Cutting-edge equipment and software
  • Great location in the heart of Aventura
  • Discounted access to Grant’s events and training materials
  • Supporting Grant Cardone on his mission to help others improve their finances, businesses, careers, lives, and relationships


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