Sales Tweak of the Week #7: Initiate Price Before the Buyer Asks

I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday and your sales have been massive! When you confront life head on, it has many rewards. And I want to make sure you are getting as many rewards as possible in your life. That’s why this week’s Sales Training Tweak is about facing price directly. In sales, we’ve been taught to build value and then present the price—which doesn’t work.
It’s critical and vital as a salesperson that you never avoid or evade price.

7. Initiate Price Before the Buyer Asks
In prior sales training schools of thought, we were taught to build value, and then show the price. What I found is this results in a buyer, no matter how intrigued about the product, who will be wondering about price during your presentation, unable to focus on evaluating price against your product’s value. So in my company we reverse it and present price up front. For instance, we sell a training product over the telephone to sales organizations and before we actually show the product we bring up the price so the customer knows the investment required. It goes like this, “Before I get into how my product will increase your sales by at least 20%, I want to share with you our pricing so you can think with it while I show you our product.”

I have had customers tell me at this point, “We would never spend that much money,” at which point I say, “I understand—price is the easiest part of my job. Allow me to show you why we are the number one solution in the marketplace and how we can increase your sales 20%.”

Bringing price up early makes you look confident, shows you have nothing to hide, and takes out the mystery from the process. The only reason not to bring up price is because you, yourself are not be sold on it.

I’ve been bringing you these Sales Training Tweaks each week and I want to know how they’ve been helping you in your sales. I’d love to see your comments below about how they have helped and any other topics you feel could be tweaked in your sales process.

Be great,


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  • AJ

    I heard the blog and then later that day of why that information. So the prospect your $50 an hour later he purchased thousand dollars pretty good!

  • Audrey

    As a Psychologist and a consumer I can say you have touched on a critical point here. I am always turned off immediately when I have to search for the price of something or cannot get a direct answer from a salesperson. My mind goes right to the thought that something is “off”. If I ask for the price and receive a bunch more sales talk I am doubly put off for having my question ignored. It is a rude interaction at that point and who wants to be part of that? I didn’t ask for another feature description, I asked how much it cost. Anytime we go to sell something it is a human interaction and I think often that gets forgotten in the enthusiasm to make the sale.

  • Vitaliy Gnatenko

    Damn, that’s great!!! I also thought about that, becouse i understand that we will in different ways get an objection about price from the client in the end of presentation, so why should we put it in the end, when we can process that objection in first place.

    And i am really glad to hear this from #1 sales trainer in the world, it means that i am in the right way!!!!

    Thanks a lot Grant, you are THE MAN!!!!!

  • Dan A.

    Grant, Is Lightening in the Bottle. Listen to him that lightening will explode your sales. I’ve tried this several times. It works more for me then the customer! I did not believe my product was worth I was scared to death after presentation to bring up price after entire 1.5 hour presentation. When I used that format. I had to sword fight he potential customer. Now..bringing up price first..I notice now the customer has to justify the sale …..

  • David

    This is a great tip. I am going to put prices on our website. It is a way to pre-qual the consumer as well.

  • pointerpride

    Really dont thinks so. I have been using grants way of for past 10 years and if selling 25 to 30 cars a month is bullshit then so be it. Try it or.are you scared

  • Jorge DeMarquard

    what bullshit

  • rob

    Im jacked, best tweak of the week yet. I am all in!

  • Eddie

    This is great Grant! This certainly builds on being SOLD on your product… I love it and i’m gonna use it more often

  • El Comandante

    Freaking stole it! I’ve never lost a deal due to price. I have however disengaged when prospect was inadequately budgeted

  • Ariadna Salinas

    I learned from you to not be afraid to say the price, and to be pride of my product.

  • Ace

    I use this technique with every sale, especially when I know that my price is going to be significantly higher than the competition. The more information you give the customer, the better. It shows transparency, builds trust, and if you have a solid justification for your products higher price, you’ll close the deal every time. Thanks for the information Grant, keep hustling!

  • Fransisco

    I’m gonna heed your advice! You haven’t let me down yet. I’ve been doing something like that now being that I’m in the Internet department

  • Richard

    Hey Grant…I completely agree with the above statement, but as a sells person i have had to learn to walk away from people that aren’t going to spend the money, should that be €5000 or €100,000. Some people just don’t want to Spend money and can often waste alot of time by “leading you up the garden Path” I’d appreciate your input grant #10x #sellorbesold #ifyournotfirstyourlast @richardgough001

  • Christopher Paulino

    Can’t wait to use this in my next sales process. You are a genius and I appreciate all of the information you load us with to increase our sales and our lifestyles. #Go10XorGoHome

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