Sales Tweak of the Week #3: Ask the Hard Questions

This week I’m at Fort Benning, helping our soldiers get back into the workforce via American Dream U and I am blown away and inspired by our troops. I wanted to send you this very relevant sales training Tweak of the Week. Massive success comes from massive action. You need to make time your slave—so when you’re out on the road, use technology to keep up and stay connected; don’t use “out of office” as an excuse to take a break.
This week’s strategy is about asking hard questions.

3. Ask the Hard Questions
It is my experience that salespeople miss opportunities to build trust due to not asking the hard questions. I was on a sales call with one of my top representatives and sensed that the decision maker wasn’t buying the presentation. I interrupted with, “You don’t believe a word he is saying, do you?” The client started laughing and said that was exactly what he was thinking. You have to ask these types of questions: “How do you feel about our price?” “How do you feel about our terms?” “Why would you do business with me, when you have dealt with our competitor for so long?” If you don’t get the answers to the hard questions, you will find yourself not closing deals and never knowing why.

And in the real world you will lose out for not knowing the right questions to ask at the right moment. So identify what those hard questions are for yourself. Then drill asking them. The mother of all learning is repetition. The number of times you are able to repeat those questions, the more you will know the information, own it, and make it second nature to you. That second nature presence will propel you into massive success and domination in your industry.

I’d love to see the hard questions you ask or have been asked in the comments below.

Be great, nothing else pays,


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