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Look, too many business owners see sales training as an expense. The fact is that those who invest in the right kind of sales training see revenue explode and get a return on their investment. The truth is that any investment has an upfront cost. The question to ask is what kind of return you will get from it. My clients pay me money so I can help them get more money. It works well for everybody.

“Sales training generates sales. If you want more sales, it’s time to start training.”

You don’t need to fly somewhere, rent a car, stay in a hotel, and attend a conference these days in order to get good training material. I created Cardone University so people can train at home, in the office, or at work—on a tablet, desktop, or phone. With technology I can be anywhere you are. The other problem with committing to one seminar is that it doesn’t stick. Nobody becomes an expert in one day. It takes practice day in and day out—which web based curriculums can give.

Sales training will result in higher net sales per employee and higher gross profits per employee. It’s an easy thing to measure. Great sales training makes a positive impact on an organization’s revenue, but not all sales training is created equal because there are different types of sales and different industries that require specific tactics. My Information Assisted Selling applies to all industries and sales.

Very little had changed in the world of sales since the days of Dale Carnegie before I brought this to the market. Way back in Carnegie’s day, competition just existed between local competitors, but now the competition is global. Things like customer satisfaction did not even exist as a corporate term when the older philosophies were created, but now companies are rewarded by manufacturers and consumers for their ability to greatly satisfy customers.

The sales industry is looked upon with disdain of the ploys promoted by the so-called ‘sales-gurus’ of decades past that have damaged the industry’s attractiveness. Information Assisted Selling is changing that. Thousands of users on Cardone University can attest to the fact that the material works, jacks up revenue, and leaves customers happy.

“You can’t have customer satisfaction without first acquiring customers.”

If you have a salesperson who is performing poorly, get rid of them or provide them with better training material. Sales training is the one thing you can do to intervene with people who are having performance problems. Sales teams that train on Cardone University will have more success, I guarantee it.

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