Sales Secret #2 The Buyer’s ‘Insistence’ Tell

Hope you are slaying it this week!

I wanted to share this little secret I came to learn after negotiating for 35 years with very shrewd business owners. I learned this little trick about how to handle the most aggressive of negotiators.

I am sure you have come across that buyer that almost yells at you during the negotiations, sometimes even before the negotiations start. They say, “I’m absolutely not buying today” or “we can not go over this amount” or any other number of positions.

Of course you have had this aggressive “grinder-type” negotiator. They are almost overwhelming to the underprepared sales person.

First, understand the aggressive buyer is almost always able to buy. I would much rather have this buyer, than the one that is complacent and never buys anything. Second, you must avoid getting overwhelmed or becoming argumentative. Just let the energy hit you and go over you – do not take the bait.

Lastly, consider that the buyer’s insistence to NOT do something is covering up a desire to do that exact thing. Otherwise, why such a strong response? Much like bullies are not courageous, the screaming negotiator, acting overly aggressive, may actually be showing you where they are most vulnerable. In poker a player that presents their hand as very strong often telegraphs weakness in that hand.

Today when I get a very strong insistence to not do something I know I have a buyer and in fact, I have a buyer that will actually do what they so strongly claim they will not.

Consider the last time you told your kids “don’t ask me again” and just moments later you were doing exactly what you swore you would not do. Put this away as one of your new negotiating strategies, “The more the buyer insists they won’t, the more likely they will.”

Have fun with this one and let me know how it works for you.

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This sales secret is incredibly important to grasp and master. If you get really good at turning the adamant “NO” buyer you will close more deals and make more money.

Be Great,


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