Run the Race!

In the event of an economic recession, the most common and incorrect action that people take is: retreat.
What Constitutes Retreating?

A. Cutting your spending
B. Reducing payroll
C. Stop hiring
D. Eliminate advertising
E. Quit training

Do you notice something in common with these retreating actions? Negativity, restriction and closed access to Success. It’s the opposite of anything beneficial, helpful, or productive to you and your capabilities, especially in a recession.

While retreating may seem like the logical thing to do, you should NEVER do this!

While it may seem counter intuitive to expand and attack the market at this time, this is the only solution that will ensure you are a winner!

In order to win a race, you need to keep running and keep pushing yourself!

In order to hit the ball, you need to pick up the bat and swing!

In order to win in life, you need to be conscious, be proactive, be adamant about ATTACKING and NEVER RETREAT!

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