Rising above the noise and bad news

Today marks one week since the horrific events in Paris that killed 130 people in coordinated attacks. These despicable crimes on humanity have taken over our airways and I can’t help but feel that we are being taken advantage of by the media.   Why? Cable news has gone from reporting the facts to promoting ISIL. While all the media outlets are guilty, CNN is without a doubt the most treasonous of all. The fact remains that at this point CNN is no longer covering the story, they are promoting the enemy and spreading ISIL’s core product, terror, free of charge. The only people who benefit from this non-stop coverage is ISIL. I operate by a policy—NEVER promote the enemy. I am not saying coverage should be halted, I am merely saying they don’t need to run an infomercial for the enemy. If you really want to anger ISIL and all the Islamic jihadist groups that have declared war on the world—the best thing you can do is continue to live without fear and without the constant fixation on them. They are thriving on this attention and taking advantage of traditional and social media channels to run their PR campaigns. Years ago I overheard someone say to another person, “You know how to make sense of insanity? You don’t and you can’t, so don’t try.” I have never forgotten that conversation. There is no making sense of the things that happened so don’t invest any energy trying to make sense of it. Getting distracted, adding to the crisis, becoming part of the hysteria or losing your focus only means those that want to manufacture distractions and crisis win. Make this your strategy for the week:

  1. Limit ALL distractions that you don’t directly benefit from. Be clear and concise when distinguishing what you and your family can benefit from and what doesn’t contribute to your success. List your goals and stay super-focused on them. Make your own news.
  1. Start or continue your negativity diet today. Commit to no negative thoughts, ideas, or talk for the next twenty-four hours. This will be a start to you really getting control of your thoughts and actions and help you build the discipline to control how you think and act.
  1. Remain positive & productive: Read a book every week. Quit watching the news, make the news. Read books, listen to audio programs, and surround yourself with positive messages because that is the way that you’re going to be able to stay positive, stay motivated and stay excited.

“There is no makings sense of things that don’t make sense.” Focus your energy and attention on things that can help you advance yourself and don’t let media control you. Establish a negative-free zone and be productive at all times. The goal is to keep your head in the game and stay in control.

  • Taimur Khan says:

    Anything outside of your circle of influence, block it out. Great post uncle G.

  • David B Colyer says:

    Great advice! Thanks for posting.

  • Joe Trotta says:

    Right on Grant I am with you all the way !

  • DocThrone Rush says:

    Look at what the cash crop of Afghanistan is and why the US is there to begin with. It has nothing to do with stabilizing governments or fighting terrorism.

  • Mohnish says:

    No Negativity is the most underestimated statement. Thanks for reinforcing it back and again, Grant 🙂

  • Terry Jacks says:

    Thanks Grant. I have been listening to the 10x book on Audible while doing my work out, Appreciate the post. Thanks for being my mentor

  • Peepee pooopooo says:

    I went doody and their was corn in me crap. The end .

  • FXALTareeq says:

    Another spot on post Grant. You can’t control what someone else does, but you can control you do i.e. your thoughts, intentions and actions. In order for things to change YOU have to change.

  • ndoetsch says:

    Grant, you took the words right out of my mouth…

  • Ron Koiner says:

    Spot on – on every point, beginning to end.

  • Steve Ruda says:

    You’re on the money again Grant …well said couldn’t agree more ..similar to a post I just published about controlling your thoughts http://joggingtojupiter.com/2015/11/a-negativity-free-day-control-your-thoughts/

  • Tom Sabo says:

    Very well said Grant! You always give me positive thoughts for every day, keep it up! Cheers!

  • James Grooms says:

    Grant, I couldn’t agree with you more. You’re absolutely right. I wrote an article about this very topic several months ago. So many people just lick up all the vomit the media spews out. I’m sharing my article here because I want to spread the word on this same topic. http://www.jamesgrooms.com/staying-focused-in-an-unfocused-world

  • Gustavo Correa says:

    I’ve been on the Cardone cleanse for over 3 years now and it is the way to go, no negativity allowed around me. it works! do it for 30 days straight and it becomes a habit. Thank you @grantcardone

  • Stephen P. Konecny says:

    I’m glad that you promote improve self rather than pointing out things to fear. We need more positive influential people like you in the world to step up.

  • Trumpy says:

    Every morning dive on Cardone zone and get the deal done!

  • Siha Gnet says:

    You’ve helped me pave my way toward unlimited success. Thank you @grantcardone

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