Ridicule is a Good Indicator

When you commit to achieving the results you want in life, there will be people that have not only not committed to success, but are mindlessly walking along the path of mediocrity. Those are also some of the people that will overtly and covertly keep you in their numbing orbit.

When this happens, know that you are moving in the right direction. I believe and can validate from 30 years of experience that ridicule from others is often a sign that you are doing something right. When this begins, use this as fuel. Push even harder even if it means having them bear down on you with intensifying force. When your results aren’t just a fluke or some random accident, and you continue to perform at this higher level, you may also experience resentment. Don’t give it a second thought, stay the course, on purpose and eventually the ridicule and resentment will become admiration. The same people who resented and ridiculed you will ask you what your doing and how you’re performing at these higher levels.

Make sure you help those that ask. By helping and teaching others is not just an altruistic action but it solidifies your knowledge on the subject. It will actually bring you to an even higher level of awareness and understanding. When you invest time and energy into learning everything you can and then teach it to others it will increase your confidence on the subject and make it second nature. Your income and lifestyle will reflect your commitment to giving back what you’ve learned.

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