Results or Effort?

Which sounds better to you? Successful people are extremely goal-oriented.

These guys keep their attention on the target and not on the problems and noise that spring up before reaching the finish line. Remember, the larger the target and greater the reward, the bigger the obstacles you will need to be prepared to overcome.

Now, “Obstacle” is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as something that impedes progress or achievement. But obstacles don’t stop you, only you can stop you. That’s the hard truth. If you are fully committed to a goal or dream or cause, there is nothing that can keep you from attaining it as long as you don’t quit. If you are completely willing to take on any barrier that may pop up along the way, you are literally unstoppable. This would include having the courage to persist, despite people in your life that oppose your goals or actively suppress you.

This is probably more than most can stomach which explains why many wind up spending their days working to make someone else’s dreams come true. In this new “real” economy you don’t want to just go to work and put in your 8 hours. Be results oriented. LOOK for opportunities to create excellent results for yourself, your family and your group.

Take stock of where you are currently and whether the results you are accomplishing not only at work but in your relationships and in life are truly fulfilling. If you are ready for a bigger payoff, be willing to first make the hard decisions that will make this possible and act on them. In my life, It’s been the results not the effort expended that ultimately defined success. This meant being goal-oriented and having a willingness to do “whatever it takes” to achieve those things that matter most.

Go hard and get results!

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