Respond To Fear With Action

Are you scared yet?  If you aren’t then you are in the minority. It is apparent to me that big media’s goal is to terrify you until you don’t want to leave your house.  Think I am exaggerating? Well before you condemn me look around for the people who teach their kids not to talk to strangers, or say that if you don’t get flu shots you will get the flu, that if you don’t go to college you won’t get a good job, and that all debt is bad. Fear is embedded into the fabric of our society and is costing you quality of life and your ability to expand.

Today’s popular fear stories are Ebola and ISIS. When these stories wane it will be something else. Fear is the tool used by big media, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC etcetera to introvert and pin you to your current location. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are then used as dissemination feeds to spread the fear. They all participate in order to get your FULL attention. The bigger the story the longer you focus on it.

Successful people know these fear moments are opportunities to advance. When people are hit with fear they tend to retreat and are contracted by not taking action.

In my book The 10X Rule, I make the claim that all your success is determined not by intelligence, timing, management or leadership but by your ability to take massive Whatever It Takes levels of action. Everyone is taking action just not the right action. There are only four levels of action 1) do nothing, 2) retreat, 3) normal levels, and 4) massive!

This week on Whatever It Takes Network, I shared in my show The Cardone Zone that airline stocks would get hammered due to the Ebola fears.  After 9/11 air travel was significantly changed but it didn’t end. Despite having to take off our shoes and go through new security processes, people still flew on airplanes. Maybe you’ll use fear to your advantage by investing in airline stocks once they give up all their gains. Or maybe you’ll take this time to prospect, see clients and increase the number of meetings via Skype or Go To Meeting. If you demand success you must go out when it is scary. Successful people do Whatever It Takes no matter the risk. I am not talking about being careless or unethical, I am talking about being fearless. You have a better chance of committing suicide than catching Ebola.

Fear is best used as an indicator of what to do. Go where others refuse to go and do what they refuse to do until people admire you for it. Success comes to those who show courage in the marketplace despite the risk, the fear or the rejection and do so repeatedly with Whatever It Takes energy levels.

Every day you are being puked on by TV, radio, social media, and even by your friends and family. This is why I created Whatever It Takes Network to provide you with content for those who want to Rise Above the Noise and do Whatever It Takes to create success for themselves, their families and their business. You fear Ebola? Fear the unwillingness to do Whatever It Takes at massive levels.

When it comes to fear understand the following:

  1.  Doing nothing is an action.
  2.  Retreating is action in reverse.
  3.  Average action will get you nothing.
  4.  Massive action is the only action that pays.

This week pay close attention to where there is fear. Where there is fear there is opportunity for the Whatever It Takes Nation. Join me in becoming a Whatever It Takes Leader.  Subscribe to Whatever It Takes Network then tell your success minded friends and family to do the same.

Do Whatever It Takes to be great.

Grant Cardone

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