Repackage for Increased Profits

Look, if you’re not repackaging your products, you are missing opportunities. I often assess my product line for ways to repackage things. I might re-bundle a $500 product into ten $50 purchases or repackage the payment plan into four installments of $125 each. When you’re committed to introducing people to your products, maintaining your client base, making progress, and keeping people connected to what you do, you will come up with innovative solutions. This form of bundling or repackaging introduces people who might not have otherwise had access to your product. Our desire to address our customers’ financial budget concerns prompted us to design an incredible and revolutionary never-before-used virtual sales training technology, known today as Cardone University. This new virtual and interactive tool born out of the creative commitment to resolve customer budget concerns allows our existing customers and new customers to access my training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The moment we introduced our virtual program it exploded into the market with incredible results. We not only reactivated our current clients with a whole new product offer but we have since attained clients that we were never able to attract in the past. This action of repackaging opened us up to creating a revolutionary product line, one that not only expanded our business but literally is changing the way people train, motivate, and improve sales performance. Maybe you’re a consultant with a client who can no longer justify spending $100 an hour for your services. You might design an alternative offering that provides your client with teleconferences and/or videoconferencing instead. Freelancers, consultants, and other service providers can repurpose their expertise and services in a variety of formats: hourly and/or telephone consultations, critiques, newsletters, special reports, booklets, instruction manuals, books, seminars, blogs, advice columns, etc. Manufacturers and other product sellers can offer compact models, economy sizes, no-frills versions, special discounts, payment plans, and smaller minimum orders. Those of you who have seen your core product sales drop off may want to increase your focus on servicing already-sold products. Finding new, smaller clients who might be interested in your revised products is another option. When the big companies are not giving you large orders at high prices, selling these alternatives to the less affluent or budget-minded segment of the market can put lots of extra dollars in your pocket. These alternative reassembled products shouldn’t be seen as a compromise, but rather a way to continue to accommodate your clients. Failing to offer an adjusted version of your merchandise might well mean a potential loss to a competitor who is willing to do so. Take the time to creatively repackage. I assure you that this will elicit new products, solutions, and opportunities that you would not have otherwise discovered. And if you want to check out my virtual training platform, Cardone University, simply follow this link. Your friend in business and sales, Grant Cardone

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