Quit Bitchin’

The word “Bitch,” aside from all the other definitions you may be thinking of, means to whine or complain.

I learned from my own experience, doing this will get you nowhere. That’s why I created these tremendously popular wristbands with the phrase “Don’t Be a Little Bitch” written across them. I caught some flack for this until I explained the meaning of the word. The wristbands are worn as a reminder to stop complaining and take action. Crybabies, whiners, and victims simply will not do well at attracting wealth and creating success. Achieving success and having abundance in all areas of your life means you need to fully recognize that success isn’t something that happens to you, it happens because of you.

If you find yourself blaming others or events for your misfortune, as is common practice in our world, then your life will not be able to take full responsibility for your condition and success in life. I found I always fare better in business and life when I make something happen rather than waiting for something to happen to me. Becoming proactive may be a difficult and challenging shift, but to really get where you want to be you must adopt the view that whatever happens (good or bad) is because of you. Practice getting good at being proactive because it is a muscle that needs to be developed. Start this by simply creating a list of all the items you want to accomplish today. See how many of these items you can check off. Did getting these things done make a difference in your outlook?

If you are willing to take credit when you win, be willing to take credit when you lose. So instead of bitchin’ about some deal you lost, go back and watch the tape, like a good boxer or Monday morning football team and take FULL responsibility for the outcome. Learn from any failures, mistakes and shortcomings so you don’t have the same issue continually happening to you. Do you want to be the effect of all the problems in your life? Or would you rather be the CAUSE of greatness in your own life and business?

Be a Champion! Don’t be a little bitch!

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