Propaganda Isn’t Paying You

I just got back from speaking at a business conference in Moscow followed by a visit to Paris. What I saw in Russia and in France was not what I was expecting. I expected to see one thing and saw something else completely. It got me asking myself “how did I get to believe what I believe and how was I influenced to have an opinion about these places, even though I’d never visited them?”

I realized that the media’s portrayal of the ‘Mother Country’ had led me to believe that Russians were all hard, cold people, with no love in their hearts. Programming and propaganda is what made me believe that Parisian streets were filthy and it’s people rude and unhelpful. Where did this come from and is this kind of programming intentionally designed to make us fear certain things?

The media coverage in America has made Russia out to be an “evil empire” with mean, cold people about to press “the button” and nuke America. A friend of mine even told me it was dangerous to go to Russia at this time. The people in Russia were amazing, open, accommodating and likable. They had already translated my books and products, even our online university. They were friendly, optimistic, and entrepreneurial. The Russian people want success the same way we do and they have the Whatever It Takes attitude to achieve it.

Upon arriving in Paris, the media’s propaganda was also proven false within minutes. The people in Paris were gracious, appreciative and fantastic. I could only wish to be treated this way everywhere I travel. The people were nice everywhere we went and I assure you it wasn’t because of my effort to speak French – I didn’t. Merci.

The media is influencing your thinking and the ideas of your family, friends and coworkers. You are being made to believe what others want you to believe. Listen to the news and all you get is crisis, war, protests, and diseases – all with the intention to keep you small. You think I am exaggerating but I am not. Why are so many people doing so poorly otherwise? You were made to believe that sales people are bad people. You were convinced to borrow money to go to college because that is the only way to succeed. You are made to believe marriage is difficult, debt is bad, rich people are greedy, and that strangers are dangerous and even worse. Those willing to do Whatever It Takes are successful because they push through despite the news.

Propaganda works and has been used for a long time to control people.  Here is why it worked:

  1. People wish to believe the best about themselves and their country.
  2. Fear mongering, especially about the threat to cherished values such as freedom and justice is effective.
  3. Presenting claims that appear logical and factual intended to justify the fear.
  4. Media presents itself as very professional.

For 35 years I have been teaching sales people how to be better. That is not enough. What goes on in your head and your beliefs are affecting your life. It holds you back! I created Whatever It Takes Network to help people Rise Above the Noise and get information that could aid you in getting the life you want and deserve.

You have been sold a bill of goods, bulls#!t, garbage and lies intended to keep you small. The networks, cable, radio and newspapers are propaganda machines controlled by those with other agendas that must satisfy their political allies and advertisers. This is why I created Whatever It Takes Network. So you can get the best information available, unrestricted, empowering you to do Whatever It Takes to create the success you deserve.  There is better information out there and I want to help you Rise Above the Noise. A bunch of friends are joining me in this effort including Chris Brogan, Ilyce Glink, Hank Norman, Katrina Campins, Henry Reinhart, and more on the way.

Try this. Take my Seven-Day Rise Above the Noise Challenge by turning off mainstream media and tuning in to the positive, empowering messages on Whatever It Takes Network for just seven days and watch the changes in your life.

If you’re up for this challenge and decide to Rise Above the Noise and take action, tweet me @grantcardone, “I am taking the #CardoneCleanse #7DayChallenge on Whatever It Takes Network.”  I will retweet you.

Take the challenge and be great.


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